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Hobby Blocks

We are all, at one point or another, inclined to carve our own pipe. Some of us do it for the fun and others do it as an art form. Here at Pipes and Cigars we like to provide you with quality briar blocks that are pre-bored, fitted with a stem and have their chamber drilled. All you have to do is carve the exterior to your liking.

*** Each block has slightly different dimensions

Hobby Block Straight  Assorted-Straight
  • Hobby Block Straight  Assorted-Straight
  • Hobby Block Straight  Assorted-Straight
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Hobby Block Straight
Overall Rating4.47 out of 5 Based on 17 Ratings

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4 out of 5
Hobby block
This is my second hobby block. I have enjoyed shaping my own pipes. The size of the bowl is nice and large and for the price point one can’t complain about it. The only thing I have an issue with is the placement of the air passage hole in relation to The tobacco chamber is off. Otherwise, completely happy
5 out of 5
Block pipe
Easy to complete pipe, thanks to the pre-fitted stem and bored bowl. Finished under a hour, using band saw, 1x42 belt sander and 12 inch disc sander. Finished with tung oil.
2 out of 5
Defective stem...
This review is strictly for the hobby block with the straight stem, NOT the Pipe & Cigars website. The briar block itself had a few imperfections including a small surface crack. Not a big deal. My biggest complaint is the tenon on the stem is bent...the mortise hole and the draft hole all line up very nice. When the pipe is assembled it's crooked. I still have some fine sanding, staining and polishing to do, then I'm done. I look forward to smoking my custom crooked pipe.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Such a great item!!!
I have purchased several of these blocks (not just straight) recently and after shaping my own with just a bench top belt sander, some files and a little elbow grease, all I can say is you owe to yourself to make your own. Perfect downtime event and i really wish I could post some pictures. I like my pipes to be natural (unstained), chunky and sitters. At the price point, and if you have an ounce of creativity you really can make yourself a great smoker you will enjoy. Thumbs up to P&C for offering these.
5 out of 5
Great deal
Easy and fun. Retired and have pipe collection. This one made to what I like and smokes great. The only thing did not like was the stem or bit was to large for me so traded it out for another. Always kept them from old pipes that I have broken. Fixing to buy another and do it again (used a dremel)
5 out of 5
Pipe Carving
The hobby block was a great addition to my collection. This was my first attempt at carving my own pipe. Great success and looking forward to make my another.
5 out of 5
Good deal,just take your time and make your dream pipe!
I bought this block of briar because I have always wanted to make a straight pipe with thick sides.I received it this morning and after checking the block I started to see what shape I wanted.I used a dremel to cut out a rough shape and then gently finished the pipe to the shape I wanted.Once finished I sanded it to its final shape,then polished it to a nice shine.It looks really good and the grain looks great.I am really pleased how it turned out and have already started to break it in.It smokes well and the bowl keeps cool and I love the bit that comes with it,nice and thick and wide.Cant wait to buy another one to add to my rotation.Buy one you wont be disappointed.
5 out of 5
Very happy
The block had a few imperfections but I was able to cut them out, the finished pipe has a nice grain pattern and polished up nicely.
3 out of 5
Make your own Hobby Block Review
Decent piece of briar, could be a little bigger but the design I made turned out well. The draft hole was drilled in a manner that the stem did not align properly with the bowl. However; the bore and draft holes did align well and the pipe smokes very well.
5 out of 5
It was everything I was hoping for will be purchasing again!
5 out of 5
fantastic block for homemade Pipe
Block was nice size and fairly clean. Was able to create the pipe I wanted. Would buy another.
4 out of 5
Good Piece of Briar
Working on finishing my pipe right now. The briar block was nice with minimal burs or imperfections which were removed entirely in the shaping of the pipe. The stem is very sturdy, I believe it is lucite, and good quality the only issue is it's a bit bulky especially if you are trying to make a lighter clincher pipe. If I had one major complaint it is that the pre drilled hole is a little narrow, it can probably be boared out more with the right tools or some sandpaper and patience but it would be nice to have the factory precision on the holes. Fast shipping from Pipes and Cigars and a good price compared to other sources online.
4 out of 5
Good block
The material was better than the last one I received which had 2 huge pits that ended up affecting the design of my pipe which was disappointing. This time, no pits and the grain was pretty good. Only thing I wish was different is the bit wasn't so wide on the stem. I feel like it makes what would be a very attractive pipe into something that looks cheesy. I would probably buy again until Mr. Brog brings back the bent hobby blocks for sale.
5 out of 5
Nice website, good execution.
Your website was easy to use and the product was promptly delivered. Thanks.
4 out of 5
First time wood carver
When I ordered this I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had never done any woodworking in my life and thought tis would be a good place to start. While I am still working on the pipe after several( I have no power tools and my work bench is the top of my AC unit) it has become a labor of love and I look forward to getting to smoke it soon. I found the holes to maybe be off center some but not sure if that is me or the way it was drilled but over all it appears to be a good pipe and something I have enjoyed trying and look forward to get another one once the first one is done and I have a better idea of what and how to make my get one.
5 out of 5
Looks Great. Can't Wait.
The hobby block looks great. I'm waiting for a break in the chaos to mill it down to a nice heavy poker, but all the holes are straight with a nice deep bowl.
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