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Lane Burley-Light-Without-A-Bite Sale

Lane's Burley-Light-Without-A-Bite, also known as BLWB, is made of mahogany Burley with a flavor combination that's warm, mellow, and incredibly smooth. BLWB is an all-day tobacco that many people use as a blending component. If you're looking for a pleasant, gentle blend that won't bite, this is a great choice.

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Lane Limited Burley-Light-Without-A-Bite Shipping Constraints
16 Ounce BagIn Stock$64.00
save $34.0153% off
Lane Limited Burley-Light-Without-A-Bite Shipping Constraints
8 Ounce BagIn Stock$32.00
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Lane Limited Burley-Light-Without-A-Bite Shipping Constraints
4 Ounce BagIn Stock$16.00
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Lane Limited Burley-Light-Without-A-Bite Shipping Constraints
2 Ounce BagIn Stock$8.00
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1 Ounce BagIn Stock$4.00
save $2.0150% off
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16 Ounce Bag + LighterIn Stock$89.00
save $54.0161% off
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Overall Rating4.86 out of 5 Based on 7 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Lane Burley-Light-Without-A-Bite”

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4 out of 5
Lane…plain old Lane. No flavor
Tastes like Lane 1-Q without the goopy syrup. This can give a good education to the most basic tobacco burley flavor and what it brings to the mixed blend… Smokes great by itself, I’ll buy more in bulk to have some on hand just to smoke, or to offer someone new to pipes something simple and appealing. Great stuff, I’ll use it to mix as well I’m sure it will help many blends that are a little too ___x______. It’s a great purchase and I’ll order more
5 out of 5
Very relaxing smoke
Very relaxing smoke
5 out of 5
Definitely in the rotation
Not a long time pipe smoker, but this is definitely the smoothest I've run across. My order was a bit on the dry side of things, but still smoked without a bite.
5 out of 5
Lane Limited Burley-Light-Without-A-Bite
I'm a Burley Fan. "nuf said. Great smoke.
5 out of 5
All Day indeed!
Wow, it is indeed mellow and all day. I like medium to mild flavors FYI. I very much enjoyed the flavor and smell of this nutty creamy blend. Super easy to smoke also, as others have said this is great for beginners. I see no reason why this won't remain in my rotation. Highly recommend!
5 out of 5
great blender
great everyday smoke not harsh at all and is a great blending tobacco
5 out of 5
Light burley
Great flavor great smoke. Smooth
Customer Testimonials
I'll get on board with the rest of the reviews. Great to have on hand as a mixer, smokes great straight although a bit milder than I expected.
CD of Bristol, CT
Good flavor. This burley is best when smoked in a cob with a large bowl.
JW of Hazelton, ID
Great stuff! Smooth with no bite. It smells a little similar to CB Royal. It also smells a little like eggnog to me. If you like Burley try this one!
BW of Pomona, CA
I ordered BL/WB because of the reviews about being good to mix with other tobaccos.. It really is! It takes anything too sweet and dulls it. But I've grown to love BL/WB by its self! I've even got a dedicated pipe lol this stuff is so smooth and buttery it's great! Would recommend to anyone. No real flavor or casing... No worries there. My recipe is 1/4 lane rlp-6 1/4, q-1 and 2/4ths BL/WB ... It's my jam! Try it!
MA of Christiansburg, VA
I would recommend this tobacco to people new to pipe smoking. Great flavor for all day. Excellent room note. Easy to pack and stays lit.
SB of lenoir, NC
I Love LB/WB it's my favorite blending tobacco. And it's great by itself.
KJ of Aiea, HI
VERY HAPPY with this baccy. It's such a casual smoke. No tongue bite and stayed lit nearly the whole smoke. Has a very pleasant taste where you really notice the nutty outdoor notes. Definitely one of my favorites. Highly recommended for Burley fans.
AL of Orange City, FL
A 5-star tobacco I enjoy very much. I have purchased a similar smoke from another company for years, but upon trying Lane's I will never go back. I also like to mix in a little Q-1 at times to add a little extra flavor.
RK of Belle Haven, VA
This is a great tobacco for everyday smoking.
RB of Hillsboro, OR
JS of Wendell, NC
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