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MacQueen Wizard Pipes

The MacQueen Wizard pipes are the perfect shape for those looking for a full-length churchwarden pipe. The removable wooden stem will allow for a unique smoking experience and easy cleaning, just make sure you let it dry after each smoke. The Wizard line is so popular that MacQueen just released three new lines, the Iron Wizard, Gold Wizard, and Brazen Wizard. They are available in Cherry, Ash and Briar. Be the first to own these new styles from our friends from up north.

Briar Iron Wizard  Briar Iron Wizard (808B)
  • Briar Iron Wizard  Briar Iron Wizard (808B)
  • Briar Iron Wizard  Briar Iron Wizard (808B)
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Briar Iron Wizard
Overall Rating3.5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

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4 out of 5
unique shape/materials, draws well, smokes cool, but finish could be improved
This is my second wizard series pipe from MacQueen. I definitely prefer this briar bowl to my earlier cherry bowl model (which charred very quickly). Bottom-line it's hard to find unique briar bowl churchwardens that aren't a standard billiard/apple shape with vulcanite or acrylic stem. MacQueen just about has the market on these wood stem models. They draw well, and use a metal stinger in the stem, which seals perfectly, but leaves a small gap in bowl to stem fit. The painted on finish is the main negative, but I simply stripped it and re-dyed it to my taste, coating with carnauba wax. The stem is a lighter colored, much softer wood, different than that of the bowl (hence the paint finish). Get extra length pipe cleaners: the stem is longer than most churchwarden cleaners.
3 out of 5
Only Ok
The Wizard smokes ok but I didn't like the taste of the wood stem and it was uncomfortable to hold. Other wise not bad for the price.
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