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MATCH Dunhill
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MATCH Dunhill's BB1938

About a year ago, we approached Dunhill about bringing one of their old favorites back to the market. It was a very smooth Latakia blend with red and bright Virginias that was sold only at the Dunhill stores. It's name came from the comment "smooth as a b___'s b____m". They told us that they couldn't use the name anymore, so bringing it back was off the table. Not to be deterred, we began doing research to recreate the blend, including acquiring an old tin for comparison. Then we found out that they were going to reintroduce the blend under the name BB1938 in Europe. We had spent too much time, effort, and expense to develop our blend not to release it, so we invite you to try Match - BB1938.

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5 out of 5
A thoroughly enjoyable blend.
I bought four pounds of Match BB 1938 two years ago, when it was available pre-mixed. It's been in sealed mason jars every since. I smoked some when I first received it, and it was a good smoke. But it had an edge that needed a little age to rein in. It has been sitting the cellar, out of sight and out of mind until earlier this week, when I opened up a jar and took a whiff. It was tangy and smokey, and altogether delicious. I took some out, and let it air for about fifteen minutes, and then loaded up my Butz-Choquin Calabash gourd pipe.. It has a very large chamber, almost double the capacity of my regular pipes, it makes for a long hour and a half to two hour smoke. It took the flame well, and remained lit. The only re-lights were because I had to take a moment or two break (it was a very long smoke). The flavor is intense, but extremely smooth. There is plenty of latakia in it, but not too much. The blend has sweetened significantly, and burns cooler than it once did. The Virginia content has been fermenting, and transforming the blend into something special. It is always very well behaved, and burns cleanly all the way down. Try this one, and put it in the cellar for a year or two. It's an exercise in" delayed gratification ". And if you don't own a Calabash gourd pipe, get one asap. They deliver a cool room temperature smoke, and I've never ever ever gotten tongue bite from smoking a Calabash gourd pipe.
5 out of 5
This old blend tasted very similar to the one I smoked in college 60 years ago. Thank you for having this method to replicate it.
Customer Testimonials
First off, I have never had " Dunhill Baby Bottom " pipe tobacco. P& had this on sale for $1.50 a ounce a few weeks back, so what the hell? I'll give it a try. I got 8 oz`s. and glad that i did. I have had many Dunhill`s pipe tobacco in my day, and never had a smooth, rich smoky pipe tobacco like this before. I`m telling you if this is what Dunhill made and sold in their pipe stores in the day? They should have made it to be sold world wide. This is the smoothness english pipe tobacco I ever had. I can smoke this all day from sun up to sun down.A very good pipe tobacco for the beginners of english, and a all day pipe smoker for the pro english pipe smokers in the world. P& keep up the great work on this " MATCH " tobacco.
AW of Corsicana, TX
A very distinctive English blend with the Virginias out front and a fair amount of Latikia. Had my mouth watering! Great job Mr. Russ!
TK of fairfield, OH
A great blend! Very similar to EMP, but a little softer and more in tune. Get this while you can at such a phenomenal price!
BH of Clendenin, WV
First off let say, this is quality stuff! Thanks P&c for the effort that goes into producing a new blend. I love Dunhill EMP but there are some mornings that it is just not quite enough to satisfy. Now enter the new BB1938 and is just perfect for the next level I want. This is good stuff not too weak and not too overpowering, just right!
CS of Orland, IN