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MATCH Edgeworth Ready Rubbed Pipe Tobacco
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MATCH Edgeworth Ready Rubbed

This is a match to the old Edgeworth Ready Rubbed. Smooth, but rich mahogany Burley has been specially processed with a subtle top note for a comforting flavor that can be enjoyed at any time of day. There are distinct notes of cocoa and molasses for a deep flavor that smokes easily and can be an all-day blend. For a comforting memory, load up a bowl of MATCH - Edgeworth Ready Rubbed.

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Overall Rating4.1 out of 5 Based on 30 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “MATCH Edgeworth Ready Rubbed”

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4 out of 5
Had this one on the
Had this one on the shopping list for quite some time. Glad I purchased it. This is a really fine tasting tobacco. Reminiscent of a Carter Hall feel but a bit more robust. Burns exceptionally well. You get the great Burley flavors with this one. Generally smooth and mellow.Will definitely reorder soon
3 out of 5
Pleasant and mild
Pleasant and mild
5 out of 5
Nice deep rich flavor
I can’t compare to the original but this stuff is great! Comes mostly rubbed out. Needs a lil dry time. Has a deep sweet flavor. Good any time of the day
4 out of 5
Very pleased
Giving it 4 stars for initial experience. Very pleased. I never had the original, so there's that. What I was looking for was just another codger blend to try, trying to find a close enough cost effective replacement for my beloved SWR, which I can see being over $4 an ounce very soon. This is milder, but in that same vein, close enough that I think I can make this work. Nice and smooth, hint of spiceyness, clean and only a whisper of sweet. I think with some dark burley, or toasted burley, I can tweak this close enough to make it my new daily smoke. Very pleased with this Match for different reasons. Will have 16oz in hand shortly.
1 out of 5
Not for me. Taste like
Not for me. Taste like sawdust. Anyway, I prefer your English blends which I have been ordering for decades. Thanks!
2 out of 5
Not so hot
On the plus side, it gave a nice long smoke, but the taste made you wish it didn't. I had never smoked the original blend, so maybe that was better.
5 out of 5
Very Good; Very Pleased
Ordered a pound of this and glad I did. I'm a burley guy and have been for nearly 60 years of pipe smoking. Edgeworth was the first tobacco I smoked back in the day and this was reminiscent of that. Good burley flavor. I found that the match blend worked better for me if I rubbed it out a bit and smoked it slow. This may become my go to blend.
3 out of 5
Worth a try
I’ve never had Lane/Edgeworth RR. So I’m reviewing this strictly on the basis of its own merit. Don’t pack this too tightly, because you’ll create a clog that’s hard to break. Once you learn to get it packed, it’s difficult to get an initial char. Once you get the char, the smoke isn’t very heavy. You taste the cocoa and molasses notes, and of course the typical burley nuttiness. It smokes very well and evenly once you finally get it broken in. It smoked all the way to the bottom, but I did have some issues with the “chunks” getting clogged in the bottom of the bowl. The room notes were pretty bland. Nothing distinct. Overall, this is ok. I wouldn’t mind keeping it in rotation, but the amount of work it took to get the initial burn and to keep it consistent left my tongue a little raw and burnt. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a decent burley smoke.
5 out of 5
Works best if you do
Works best if you do not over tamp this one. Flavor is consistent throughout the bowl top to bottom if it is smoked slowly. I like to start the with this one. Nice price in bulk and sometimes my go to for a simple, all day smoke.
5 out of 5
Wonderful value for a GREAT Burley blend.
What a faithful reproduction. Give some extra dry time and you will be rewarded with the smoothest Burley blend you've ever smoked. Their a reason Edgeworth was such a popular blend for years. A Codger blend that will never go out of style!
5 out of 5
Excellent. Reminds me of the
Excellent. Reminds me of the original.
5 out of 5
Very smooth and tasteful
Room note is close to Velvet tobacco which i thoroughly enjoy, smoke it slow no bite for me, reminds me of that old school flavors and blends that I tend to really enjoy, will be purchasing more for sure. If you like Velvet id recommend this one!
4 out of 5
Revisit revision
I ordered this months ago and tried it when it arrived. It was awful. Now, I really like codger blends and I I thought I would like this. So i jarred it up and put it on the shelf. Recently I got it out and loaded a bowl. I don't know if it was because it was fresh or what but I I really enjoyed the bowl. It had all the things I love about codger blends. The nutty burley, the topping, and the cool smoking qualities I appreciate in a codger blend. Much better now.
3 out of 5
Dry and too many large
Dry and too many large chunks of tobacco. Needs to be rubbed better.
5 out of 5
As good as the original
This is as close as it gets to the original Edgeworth and is as good or better than the Lane ready rubbed. I've stocked up on it.
3 out of 5
Good all round smoker
This is a great tobacco for just smoking without having to think about anything or appreciate any subtle flavors. It's in my rotation for 2+ hour drives where I need to think about other things besides my tobacco. It's also a good one for sitting around the campfire and shooting the breeze. The nutty and chocolate flavors are right there for about 3/4 of the bowl. It burns cool leaves a slight aftertaste that is pleasant. The room note is pleasant. A few friends in their 40's say it reminds them of gramps tobacco. Those that are younger do not find the smell nostalgic. Maybe it depends on what era you were born, and what gramps smoked. It's not an everyday smoke for me, or one that I reach for all the time. I like other tobaccos for that. But this is a great one when I don't want to enjoy a background taste while I'm concentrating on other things: driving, writing, conversing with others. It's easy to taste the flavors while you have your mind on other things. It might be a good starter tobacco since you don't have to work as hard to taste the tobacco, and end up puffing like a freight train. On the other hand, the relight every once in awhile might turn you off if you are beginning. I don't know if I like it in a wider or narrow bowl yet. Narrow bowl stays lit the entire burn but the taste diminishes quicker. Wider bowl needs to be lit more often and leaves more dottle, but it tastes better. for now, I'll keep it in my Mark Twain or MM general. It seems to smoke best in a cob. Also, sprayed some down with rum and let it dry before storage. That was good. not an improvement on the original, just a bit different type of good. I'll order some more and spray it down with some amaretto and see how that tastes.
5 out of 5
match ERR after years my new every day
smoked pipe for about oh way too long any how swr was my go to every day with borkumriff whiskey, carterhall and a few others for a change well just ordered some match ERR from p&c and after a week smoking match ERR i think it replaced swr as my every day go to tobacco sutliff did a great job i also tried LLRR but i think the match is bit nicer smoke
5 out of 5
Better Than Lane
I hear that Lane and the 'MATCH' are both basically the same burley base. However, the casing seems to be different and I like the MATCH much better. It has a smoother feel on the palate and tastes, to me, a bit sweeter. I'm the type who'd have a pipe in my teeth most everywhere if I could and with this in mind I find that the MATCH will fit the bill if I do it that way. In any case I'm ordering up a pound of it along with an acrylic jar to keep it in. IMHO, the Lane mix I couldn't wait to finish and found myself mixing it with other things. The MATCH I only got a couple ounces of nad truly wish I had gotten more on the onset. the MATCH loads easily as it's a cube cut blend lights well. Fill it loosely as it's just a tad moist or just dry it to your liking. Great aroma, pretty much EDGEWORTH-ish I'd say. This is a bulk blend I've been looking for for sure! 5 Stars easily
5 out of 5
Good match
4 out of 5
Nice Change Of Pace For The Aromatic Smoker
I tend to smoke rich flavorful aromatic vanilla, chocolate or maple tobaccos and treat pipe smoking as a dessert - but on occasion want something a little less sweet, and Match Edgeworth Ready Rubbed fits the bill. It's a nice smooth smoke with a hint of Gram Cracker or burnt marshmallow flavor.
5 out of 5
The Best Is Back!!!
I've found my daily smoke! I've tried a lot of different blends an "thought" I found "The One" several times before; but for my pallet this one hits the bulls-eye! I first smoked Edgeworth in 1973 but while good, to a young new pipe smoker I went with the popular aromatic of the day, then settled in with Dunhill blends the last several years with flavored aromatics four a change. I'm tired of the 'blend chase' and I've never been a 'briar-snob'; just an old fashioned American pipe smoker here who wants to get his nic-hit with his pipe and a favored blend. This bulk version of Edgeworth is about 90-95% what I remember of the original and I wish I'd given it another try years ago! Mellow, nutty burley with a perfect casing of molasses that kills any bite and gives a warm, sweet aftertaste that satisfies a yen for aromatic without drowning the tobacco. Consistant flavor bowl after bowl: This is my blend! Thank and kudos to Lane for the return of this great old blend in the bulk form. I won't bother to try the can version because the ribbon cut won't be as good, the cube/granular cut is fundamental to the blends flavor and consistency and I hope they both keep the bulk version and start using slightly larger cubed burley like the original! If the canned version switches to the cubed they'll have a huge success on their hands. Thanks as always to P&C for being the best business of its type I've ever purchased from! Again: Don't change this bulk version of Ready Rubbed! The best since the original and if you're looking at trying a burley blend start here! No wonder my favorite Jazz musician John Coltrane and favorite Blues guitarist Albert King smoked Ready Rubbed! They knew great tobacco like they knew great music! ;)
5 out of 5
Smooth smoking delicious Burley.
I've never had the original Edgeworth, but this is a very nice tobacco whether it matches or not. A very smooth Burley that could definitely be an all day smoke. No tongue bite at all in my experience with it. The nuttiness of the Burley is right up front. The topping flavor of cocoa and molasses make for a nice room note, and a slightly sweet taste. I started with a 2oz. sample and will be ordering more to add to my rotation.
3 out of 5
A close second place.
A close second place.
4 out of 5
Big Cubes
The cube cut reminds me of the original Edgeworth, but the cubes might be a bit too large as it's difficult to keep lit. Taste and flavor are pretty close,but I'll stick to Lanes Ready Rub version of Edgeworth.
5 out of 5
Memory Lane
From my first puff my palet was brought back to the 60's and 70's when I smoked the original. That great woody burley taste. Great job on matching this one.
1 out of 5
Giving it Away
Try as might, I just could not get into this blend at all. Very bland and I got a little scratchy throat too. What’s left of it is currently in my “give away bin.”
5 out of 5
Old Favorite
I smoked a pipe years ago. My favorite tobaccos were Edgeworth and Amphora. I recently switched back to my pipes because good cigars have gotten too expensive. I was surprised that my old tobacco favorites were no longer made. I tried several mixtures and was not satisfied. Then your MATCH tobaccos came out. The Amphora is not as I remembered but the Edgeworth is spot on. It is my tobacco again.
4 out of 5
If You Like Straight Burly...This Is It.
The pouch note was just a general tobacco smell. The cut was just a crumble, which made little briquets in the pipe. When I lit up, I wasn't sure whether to smoke it, or throw on a hamburger patty. It did burn pretty well, though. It is a little hard to light, but once going, it stays lit. It did not bite at all, but is not what I would call mild...more of a medium. It never gurgled and burned all the way down with no re-lights. The taste was...well, just burly. That's all. No casing or anything. No stoving, no blending...just plain old burly. Not sweet, not bitter, and just a tad nutty. It reminded me a lot of 5 Brothers, only less harsh.It tastes like if you grew your own burley, just hung it up to dry, crumbled it up, and smoked it. This is about as basic as it gets. I normally smoke Mississippi River, Dunhill 965, and Sam Gawith Best Brown Flake, so my bar is set pretty high. But if you just want a good, plain Jane honest smoke with no pretensions, this is probably it. If I were going to smoke burley, this would be what I would settle on. For the price...not bad at all.
5 out of 5
The most accurate match of wonderful old Edgeworth, a tasty joy to smoke!!
Wow! I am a Burley fanatic and have been on a Burley quest to find the perfect blend. I have settled on Edgeworth Match for its cool smoking, chunky molasses deliciousness and Prince Albert for its easy lighting and Chocolaty taste and aroma. Edgeworth Match is so close to the original that I really haven't missed that blend and have been super happy and pleased with this substitution. You need to dry it out more than a ribbon cut as it is deceptively moist to the touch but once lit, the little Briquettes smolder for a long time providing a cool flavorful smoke. Inexpensive and delightful!
5 out of 5
match edgeworth ready rubbed
very good replacement
Customer Testimonials
Due to the arrival of Lane's re-introduction of Edgeworth, I wanted to give it a try but not commit to 14oz, so I went with 2oz of this blend to get a feel for the genre. Glad I did. Whether or not this matches the original or not I do not know, and, well, I don't care. This is your run of the mill a typical floor sweepings packaged, topped with something to hide the odor of BO and sent to WalGreens or Safeway and called pipe tobacco. It's stuff like this that gives burley a bad name. How something that is all but flavorless, can taste this bad defies logic. It's flavorless and bites. My goodness does it bite. It burns, it creates ash and smoke - so I suppose it's tobacco, we'll leave it there. Did I mention it bites? It is so alkaline that its just one long painful flavorless tongue lashing. I've tried and tried and tried, I still cannot finish a bowl. Not just that it takes an entire box of penny matches to keep it lit, I just can't stomach it long enough, even after the tongue has went entirely numb and the nerves shut down for self preservation. Note is nice, cocoa and nutty. The leaf itself looks appealing, dark mahogany, coarsely cut, feels great in the hand, packs nicely. Niceties all ends there. This is, well, garbage. I'd say it's very similar to Velvet - but I might be knocking Velvet. This is actually worse than Velvet. If, this is an authentic replication of the original Edgeworth - then Edgeworth is officially in my book the absolute worst of all the OTC blends. Go with PS cube cut burley, or McClelland X90 is you want a nice quality old style burley. The remainder of my 2oz of this is now on the way to the compost bin. At least there it might serve some purpose. No knock against "Match" - they did their job here. They tried to replicate garbage, and did so flawlessly. Other "Match" blends I've enjoyed - see Revelation. It's not the maker - it's the blend.
TS of Tulsa, OK
Yes this stuff did arrive dry, very smokably dry. For once I didn't have to dry out a tobacco before lighting it up. This is pretty close to Edgeworth, at least the Lane incarnation of it. The Larus Bros version had more of a molasses casing to it IIRC. What we have here is well worth the money. It's a great burley tobacco with a flavor and aroma that is enjoyable. Be wary, that although I can stand nicotine, this packed a little punch and had me woozy smoking it on an empty stomach.
LT of Jacksonville, FL
Edgeworth is one of the blends I used to sneak a puff from my dads stash. Until I ordered this blend I had only ever had it in flake. It brings memories flooding back to me. The flavor I don't remember so much, but the heavenly smell, it is dead on. The notes of cedar are so pronounced and pleasing that I can't imagine not keeping this on hand.
LR of Florence, AL
This is a must have in your rotation! A very fragrant (cocoa) that burns evenly and easily on the dry side with no toungue bite. The flavor is a gentle and rich tobacco that smokes well being rubbed out already any time of day with any beverage but especially well with a strong coffee. Get a pound and set out 4ozs for smoking and cellar the rest, it only gets richer with age. Cob or briar is just great but I prefer my a Briar bulldog with this one.
CT of Antioch, IL
An enjoyable smoke. Close to the original Edgeworth. The only negative comment would be that it arrived in a very dry condition.
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