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MATCH Presbyterian Pipe Tobacco
  • MATCH Presbyterian Pipe Tobacco
  • MATCH Presbyterian Pipe Tobacco
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MATCH Presbyterian

​Presbyterian Mixture is a classic blend for those who love Orientals and Virginia. One of the things that are shrouded in mystery is whether it contains Latakia, and we know for certain that it does, but in a very small amount - just enough to add a bit of floral smokiness. One of the problems is the cost. Well, you know that here at P&C, we can't leave well enough alone, so we're offering a much less expensive, but still very high-quality alternative to Presbyterian - our very own MATCH Presbyterian. This light and tasty blend is made with top-notch Oriental and Turkish tobaccos, which are supported by fine, matured Virginia and just a whisper of Cyprian Latakia. Now you can enjoy that same exotic, but very gentle flavor at a mere fraction of the price of the original, so it can go from being an occasional treat to your everyday blend.

Due to recent regulations, this blend is now only available as a Pre-Built Blend Kit for you to become a master blender right in your own home. Each kit, once blended, will produce 16oz of MATCH Presbyterian.

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5 out of 5
Way better after aging.
Seeing the "Deeming Regulations" coming, I bought four pounds of Match Presbyterian in January of 2020 while it was still available in pre-blended bulk form. I initially reviewed the blend immediately after I received it, and I was impressed with the quality, however I could tell that it needed some age to marry the components. It's been two full years in sealed mason jars since I have smoked any of it, and I opened up a jar a few days ago. The aroma was tantalizing, it has a tangy sweet smell, with a touch of smokiness, altogether mesmerizing. I've been enjoying it in my twenty years old Butz-Choquin Gourd Calabash pipe, and I have to admit that it has been completely transformed into something very much better than the blend is fresh. It's sweetened significantly, thanks to the Virginia component, and the Orientals have developed into an interesting spice. The mouthfeel is rich and full, with a medium dose of nicotine. It is well behaved, taking and holding a light very well. The latakia takes a back seat to the Orientals and Virginias, and adds a richness to the smoke. Initially, when fresh, the blend burned a little hot and needed to be reined in a bit. After two years of aging, it has settled down, and burns slow and cool. If don't have a gourd or mahogany Calabash pipe, you own it to yourself buy one of these remarkable pipes. I have four Calabash pipes, three gourd and one mahogany. They smoke equally fantastic, but I prefer the gourd because they weigh a lot less than the mahogany or other hardwood Calabash pipes. Match Presbyterian is a superb blend, that will only get better with age. Put some away, and let time do its magic, you won't be disappointed!
4 out of 5
My order came several days earlier than predicted (Well done P&C). The Orientals and Virginia were both a bit dry, so I used a clothes steamer and distilled water to hydrate to the desired moisture content. I sealed the mixed components in three vacuum sealed bags, to allow the flavors to marry, and kept some fresh for comparison. Opened the first bag after one week, and it came out as a beautiful crumble cake. Will open the other bags at two weeks and a month. Sealing them helped a lot. Very much like the original Presbyterian but not quite as sweet (no casing). Loaded cakes into a jar for aging. Very good and at a great price.
4 out of 5
Maybe better than the tinned
Only have had one bowl so far. Got to be perfect for 5 stars. Enjoyed mixing up the kit, came in 3 bags opened and mixed. Filled 2 quarts tamped down tight plus a half pint container which is now by my chair. Will try some more in a little while. So far no tongue bite, the real stuff in the tin can bite you.
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