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Missouri Meerschaum Eaton

The Eaton is as simple as it gets- a straight-shanked, smaller corn cob pipe with an amber colored short stem and no filter. The perfect break-time or dog-walking pipe at a price that can't be beat.

Missouri Meerschaum Eaton  Assorted-Straight
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Missouri Meerschaum Eaton
Overall Rating4.43 out of 5 Based on 35 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Missouri Meerschaum Eaton”

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5 out of 5
Awesome little pipe!
For a $3 pipe, this baby smokes like a dream come true. Cobs always seem to smoke nice, and these are no exception. They have an easy draw and they are small, so they are perfect for a quick 15-minute smoke. I bought four of them since they are so inexpensive. I even keep one in my truck so that every time I go surfing, I can have a quick "warm-up" puff when I get back to my truck after getting out of cold ocean and stripping out of my clammy wetsuit.
4 out of 5
How can you go wrong?
This is a great little clencher, since it's so light, and the bit sits very comfortably between my teeth. I found that the cob was a bit rough so I sanded it down a bit, feels nice now. The bowl is small of course, and I still prefer my Missouri Pride and Legends, but this is a great, cheap, short smoker. I own three of these and bought another to make a pipe kit in a cigar box for a friend. Great first pipe, smokes short and sweet! Get an Eaton and a pouch of Prince Albert and you really can't go wrong. P.S. - The "Royal" bits fit this pipe.
5 out of 5
Very Pleased
New to pipe smoking. Chose this pipe due to it's price and my intentions of testing the waters. Very nice smoke and the character the pipe develops through use is appealing.
3 out of 5
It's much much more functional than I expected. I enjoy it much more than I expected. with this process I will certainly try another one
5 out of 5
Super Lite Weight
Corn cobs in general are GREAT pipes. The Eaton is a little pipe which is wonderful a quick smoke. Still I can get 30 mins out of this small chamber pipe. Another bene of this small pipe is just how light it is. The last Eaton I had lasted 3 years. That's just a dollar a year!!
5 out of 5
A Great Pipe!
Good to see the pipe is available, still. I'm sure it will smoke well and, have it for sharing.
5 out of 5
I added it to an order and I'm glad I did. It smokes a lot better than the briar I've had for years. Well worth the money and perfect for carrying at work.
5 out of 5
3 buck work pipe!
Cobs smoke great to start with, but here is the skinny on this little jewel. To get the chamber proportions to suit me,,,Take about a 1/4" off the top of the bowl with an edge sander, open the bore to 11/16 with a forstner bit, and you have an almost weightless all day clencher work pipe for 3 bucks!! I do the same to a Pony Express as well, same pipe, a tad shorter stem.
5 out of 5
No Surprise, another great MM cob!
No surprise here, another quality offering from MM. The Eaton has classic corn cob looks and a smaller bowl for shorter smokes. Easy all day pipe for working about doing chores and such. Great clencher and none of that faux corn cob pattern on the stem. I wish all MM stems came like this one.
5 out of 5
Nice little pipe! Very happy
5 out of 5
If you ain't smokin' a cob, you ain't smokin.
5 out of 5
A Excellent smoking pipe
This corn cob pipe smokes cool and flavors the tobacco.
4 out of 5
Good Pipe!
I got this pipe for quick smokes because the bowl is a little smaller. Great for quick walks and drives. Has a tendency to go out a little, but that could be because I've only smoked aromatics in it so far.
5 out of 5
I like this little bowl, smokes great. First time smoking it went 25 minutes with no relights, like a little pro. I got a replacement normal length black stem and now it looks great too!
3 out of 5
Smaller bowl than expected but still a good cob
4 out of 5
Great for 3 bucks add it on to your order.
Great commute smoke 20 minutes, perfect for trying new baccy no real complaints aside from it smokes hot sometimes.
4 out of 5
Tried & True Cob
MM really knows how to make a corn cob. The Eaton is a great for a quick smoke or a slow burn. The walls of the bowl hold firm even under the intense heat from puffing hard. Absolutely worthy of a cob!
5 out of 5
good buy
it has a nice smooth taste it dont bite it dont burn your tongue it burns slow would buy again very please with it has a nice aroma
3 out of 5
it's a good inexpencive pipe
it's a good inexpencive pipe for a back-up to you're daily smoker
5 out of 5
I love it well made and easy to use!!
Great product!!
2 out of 5
Corn cop. Pipe
Bowl is really small I guess I didn't realize it was that small until I received it and attempted to smoke it
3 out of 5
not a cob guy.
Serves its purpose good for my first pipe to see if I was going to continue.
5 out of 5
The Right Pipe For Me
The Eaton is the right pipe for me and I've been buying them for years now. That's pretty much my review.
5 out of 5
Missouri Meerschaum Eaton
Nice pipe for the price.
4 out of 5
Great short smoke
Good morning pipe for me. Great shipping and service.
4 out of 5
Best corn cobs out there
Great smoker. I always use these when trying a new tobacco. They are inexpensive and let you get the true taste of the tobacco.
4 out of 5
Not quite the Pony or the Diplomat but still a good little smoke
I've purchased the Pony Express Cob as well as the Diplomat Cob. The Eaton is still a great little cob from MO Meerschaum, but it is definitely a little more rustic and on the cheap side. Smokes cool. Tastes great. For the price, it's worth it.
4 out of 5
Corn Cob all the way in Africa.
I'm new to the pipe smoking community. I live in Africa, so I ordered one of these Eaton Corn Cobs and some Peter Stokkebye Bulls Eye Flake when my buddy visited his sister in Atlanta. I couldn't wait for his return because I had spent some months online researching pipes and tobacco. No doubt, they don't make it like the Americans do. Great little pipe and good value for money. I need a few more Corn Cobs to grow my collection.
5 out of 5
Great pipe at an unbeatable price
This is my first corncob, and I've been smoking it for a few months. I love it. My other pipes are all churchwardens so I wanted a "clincher" that I could smoke while I drove. It packs well, smokes well, is dry, and is the right size for when I don't want to commit to smoking all of a large pipe. My only word of caution: the shank has a wide internal diameter. Pay attention how you pack or you will get some chunks of pipe tobacco in your first few draws. Once I figured that out this has been my favorite pipe.
5 out of 5
Perfect break time pipe!
I just got two of the Eaton to rotate at work. The bowl is small enough for a cool and short smoke to match my break times. It's the perfect at work pipe for me. And the Chatham Manor I've been smoking lately tastes great out of a cob.
5 out of 5
Well done
Prompt service /exactly what I asked for.
5 out of 5
Good Value
Excellent value and quality product on my purchase of corn cob pipes.
4 out of 5
Great little pipe
I'm not terribly sentimental about pipes. I buy a cob pipe for each tin of tobacco I buy and don't feel bad about tossing it after since it was under 3 bucks. The Eaton is a great pipe for a 20 to 30 min smoke; which is just about right for me.
5 out of 5
Perfect for me
My first cob and admit I love it! Always been a OTC guy (PA, Velvet, SWR). These MM cobs are perfect! Thank-you MM!!
5 out of 5
Great quick smoke cob
I enjoy the cool smoke and perfect size for the drive home.
Customer Testimonials
This is a great little pipe. Smokes cool, smokes sweet. And if it falls overboard, I might just jump in after it, even though it only cost three bucks. The bit feels a little squshy, even for a MO Meerschaum. But, then again, it only cost three bucks.
I love this little pipe. A full bowl lasts about 15 minutes for me so this is perfect for my short commute or running errands around town. I tend to smoke hot and the rustication on the outside of the bowl seems to help dissipate the extra heat and keeps it comfortable in hand when not clenched. Highly recommend.
Perfect for working in the yard, light cool smoking.
Smaller than I thought it would be, but gives a good smoke.
This is quickly becoming one of my favourite little pipes. I use mine daily and it's light, so it's very comfortable just hanging from your mouth. It smokes great. I find that my favourite tobacco (Peter Stokkebye's Proper English) tastes better out of here, than any briar that I've used. You won't be disappointed with this little pipe.
Awesome! Nothing like American made quality!
The mailman delivered my Eaton yesterday and I took it our for a test drive last night. It draws well and it delivered a nice smoke. I broke it in with MM's Country Gentleman pouch tobacco. It's well made - just like the 6 other MM pipes I have. However, the small bit will likely wear out before the pipe does, but I see that replacement bits are available..........The Eaton is a small pipe but not a nose warmer...just what I need for a smoke on my short commutes. I really like the bowl's corn cob rustication; it is unabashedly a corn cob pipe and I wish some of my other larger MM pipes had the same rough look........I now see that P&C has these Eaton pipes on backorder, so I'm happy I got mine while the getting was good.
Don't write these off; they smoke better than plenty of briars do. A light, fun little pipe that smokes very nicely. No filter and it doesn't need one. Call me crazy, but I'm thinking of buying a $30 "forever" stem for my $3 pipe just to show how much I like it.
Being a beginner pipe smoker, I purchased the Eaton, along w/ 2 ounces of Russ's Cinnamon Roll tobacco, and the 3 in 1 Slim Style Pipe tool...all for around $20 w/ 3 day shipping! What a deal! I am very pleased with the pipe, tool, and tobacco. Will be ordering again!
Great pipe for the price. Simple, well made, and produces no taste of its own. Great for the beginner pipe enthusiast.
This is a great little pipe. Very light weight so perfect for walking with. Small bowl for that quick smoke.
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