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Newminster No. 17 English Luxury Pipe Tobacco
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Newminster No. 17 English Luxury

Newminster No. 17 English Luxury is a medium-bodied Latakia blend in which the Cyprian tobacco is supported by fine Virginias, earthy Burleys and a Danish-style black Cavendish which is made from lemon Virginia. It's smooth and flavorful while being a soft-smoking mixture. If you prefer Latakia without added Orientals, you'll enjoy this blend.

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Overall Rating4.58 out of 5 Based on 12 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Newminster No. 17 English Luxury”

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5 out of 5
one of the better English
Nice mild tobacco, flavorful with good aroma.
4 out of 5
Newminster does it again.
I have enjoyed a few of Newminster's bulk blends, which I find to be consistently good and well worth the price. Newminster's English Orient is in my regular rotation and I wanted to try this one to taste something without the orientals. This blend is very enjoyable, with complementary amounts of Latakia to bring the spice in a gentle, all-day way. Less complex than English Orient, but a very pleasant choice for an all-day English blend with a nice-enough room note.
5 out of 5
Exploring English pipe blends...
I’m very glad I purchased this pipe tobacco. I heretofore have been pretty much unfamiliar with English kinds- except for their reputation of very satisfying smooth and flavorful tobacco. My pipes are long in the stem - I even have a couple church warden pipes and this Newminster 17 English Lexus fit well with the long draw of these pipes. You will find a very pleasing rich, but not overpowering aroma and the taste buds light up with this classy flavor - one gets a flavor image of sitting in a smoking room at a library at Oxford - it really is top shelf balanced and smoothly circulates the crisp and respectable flavor. You will like this one!
5 out of 5
What I was looking for....
I got sold on English blends about a year ago and was smoking Stokkebye Luxury 17 as my #1 smoke. Eventually sorry to say it became boring. It's a good tobacco I think I just got too used to the taste and wanted something more lively. Then I tried Newminster and it was just what ai was looking for. My taste isn't developed enough to pick out different tobaccos so I don't know if it's the black cavindish or the perique or the virginia, but it has a distinct flavor I really like.
4 out of 5
17 newm. English lux.
Good smoke,but nothing special. P.s. much better for me...
5 out of 5
Smooth smoking, rich tobacco taste,
Smooth smoking, rich tobacco taste, little to no tongue bite, aroma a bit too sweet for my taste but other qualities out weigh this minor problem, my favorite English blend
3 out of 5
Subtle smoke
This is a good blend for someone who isn't looking for a latakia heavy smoke. As you smoke it starts floral and you get a good essence of the latakia. Once the mix heats up, you start to get the grassiness of the virginia followed by the VA's slight sweetness. Sometimes I mix a bit of straight black cavendish (non aromatic) and that seems to subdue the grassiness from the virginia while I play with the sweetness from the tobacco and the flavor of the latakia. If I used an aromatic cavendish, I think the subtle latakia smoke would be wiped out all together.
5 out of 5
Newminster No. 17 English Luxus
I have always enjoyed English tobaccos. Unfortunately I hadn't picked up a pipe in a number of years. I tried an ounce of English Luxus and felt like I was "back home." I don't have the palette to describe the different flavors within the mixture, but I enjoyed it from the first bowl.
5 out of 5
A good one
I am a real fan of Newminster Blends and English Luxus is great, it has that sweet fermentation that the top English's have and a cool even burning nature. It's one for smoking now and cellaring as well.
5 out of 5
very nice
This is a great tobacco from the recently launched Newminster line. Quality and value are great (and P&C has run sales on the line, also a plus). Leathery Latakia complements a warm and full Virginia sweetness, with a hint of floral in the nose. Well-balanced and very enjoyable!
5 out of 5
Strong and Satisfying
This was really my second English style purchase, the first being Dunhill Nightcap. I was amazed at how good this smokes, and tastes! I do smoke a lot of aros, but this has something in it that i just can't get enough of! I bought 4 ounces to try....just bought another 21 because this stuff will be my go to smoke in the evening. Its strong, but not like Nightcap. Its a nice melody of flavor, smell, and burn. I'd recommend trying this stuff and let your pipe be your guide! I think Newminster English Lux will be my new go to for at least the next year or so.
4 out of 5
Dang Good Stuff !!!
Smoke English/Scottish blends every now and then, Smoke Aromatics 75% of the time, Cherry-Vanilla-Blackberry-Honey-Caramel-nougat-brown sugar-chocolate-whiskey-rum,,,,,, you name it !!! Wife says this stuff stinks like SIN !!! She radically prefers the smell of my ' Fruity-Sweet ' selections. When I smoke stuff loaded with Latakia/Perique, she swears I'm smoking crap I've dug out of the Kitchen Trash !!!! The High Level uniqueness of Latakia & Perique is MOST pleasurable at times !! !! !!
Customer Testimonials
I am a Latakia fiend through and through. I have smoked a numbèr of English blends and I find this to be one of the best. A smooth smoking blend, there are wonderful sweet tones that blend perfectly with the Latakia. This is a definite must have.
HR of Alto, MI
I'm not a fan of Latakia, but this blend will be a new addition to my rotation. Reminds one of Frog Morton on the Town but a little less sweet with a gentle body and silky white smoke. Every element works in harmony, while a slight pepper note rounds things off. Non-Latakia and non-aromatic fans will love this blend. JF. Pierre,SD
JF of Pierre, SD
Great and smooth smoking
KK of Fort Pierce, FL
One of my favourite, go-to English blends. It has a decent body, produces a fairly sizable cloud of smoke, has a mild, but present none-the-less room note, and is damn cheap! I sometimes add a pinch of blending latakia to individual bowls just to kick it a bit, and it takes to that very nicely as well.
AN of Cupertino, CA
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