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Peter Stokkebye 38 Highland Whiskey Pipe Tobacco
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Peter Stokkebye 38 Highland Whiskey

Peter Stokkebye No. 38 Highland Whiskey is made primarily of bright Virginias and soft black Cavendish to which a small amount of mellow Mexican Burley is added. The finishing touch is a splash of aged Scotch whisky that's light and never overwhelming. There won't he any hangovers with this Highland Whiskey.

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Overall Rating4.48 out of 5 Based on 25 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Peter Stokkebye 38 Highland Whiskey”

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5 Star
4 out of 5
4 Star
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5 out of 5
Also very tasty
Also very tasty
5 out of 5
Secret Find
Picked this up at a local tobacco shop on a whim. Now one of my favorite blends. Super smooth without the bite even smoking on a lower end pipe. Hoping my find stays somewhat hidden but as long as this stays in stock and doesn't change, I won't mind.
5 out of 5
Loved it
Loved it
5 out of 5
My preferred whiskey tobacco for
My preferred whiskey tobacco for 5 years!
5 out of 5
Smooth as ever
Stokkebye always delivers a smooth experience, and this one is mild and creamy. Arrived moist and fresh.
4 out of 5
Good but a little harsh for my taste
4 out of 5
good blend
Nice flavor and room note. No bite and great price
5 out of 5
my new favorite
5 out of 5
My opinion.
This blend is the best of the best!
5 out of 5
Excellent blend.
Excellent blend.
5 out of 5
Excellent blend
This is my go to blend. Price is great for the quality and I will keep ordering it.
5 out of 5
You can't go wrong with
You can't go wrong with stokebye. Smooth burning, when at a lower moisture content, and excellent flavor. Best whiskey I've found. Not sappy sweet.
5 out of 5
Very smooth
Very smooth and a nice easy smoker for any time of the day
4 out of 5
Good smoke, flavorful. Reminds me
Good smoke, flavorful. Reminds me of the Scottish highlands
5 out of 5
Very aromatic it doesn't bite
Very aromatic it doesn't bite and I enjoy
5 out of 5
Great Whiskey Blend
This one has been a favorite of mine for years. I’ve always thought a whiskey “note” equal to a cherry flavoring. If you’ve ever enjoyed Borkum Riff, then give this one a try
5 out of 5
Best price on Peter Stokkebye Highland Whiskey bulk pipe tobacco.
Great service
5 out of 5
Great all around.
I love this stuff. For me, this is my go-to blend. It's nice and balanced in all categories.
2 out of 5
Highland whiskey
Bought an ounce to try. Smoked it once, found it isn't really my thing. No whiskey flavor at all, very bland. Won't buy again
4 out of 5
Try an ounce, what do you have to lose?
This is pretty good in a MM cob for this casual smoker. Not much liquor taste, I will enjoy the rest but won't buy more.
4 out of 5
Highland Whiskey
A nice sweet smoke with good room note & taste.
3 out of 5
don't try this one.
A little too much bite and burn in the flavor of the tobacco. Plus burned too hot in the pipe. Scalds inside of the mouth.
5 out of 5
Will be keeping this on hand.
Use this as a change of pace from my regular tobacco. Not sweet or fruity. Has an excellent aroma before or after lighting. Has a smooth caramel like taste. If you've never tried whiskey tobacco before try this one and see what the others are supposed to be like.
4 out of 5
Touch of black cavendish, touch
Touch of black cavendish, touch of sweetness
3 out of 5
Peter Stokkbye Highland Whiskey.... This is not the malt you're looking for.
Highland Whiskey isn't going to offend anyone anytime soon. Unless you hate aromatics with a passion (but then why are you here). Highland arrived very wet (think fresh moss) and was drizzled with a topping that if it was whiskey it resembles no highland I've come across. It's not anything particularly artificial in nature, and as it dried the tobacco found some semblance of balance. But despite its best efforts, the interesting topping doesn't hide the relatively boring blend. If you're looking for a no nonsense puff you can kind of just zone out and smoke and not offend those around you; then give this one a go, it's also not a nicotine bomb for better or worse.
Customer Testimonials
I bought an oz. of it i like it good aroma good taste mild and an all around good smoke. I will buy some more of this.
JE of Enid, OK
For this scotch lover who cut his teeth on aromatics and now is a huge Virginia fan, this is a very nice tobacco. This is not your typical aromatic in that the topping isn't overdone and you can actually taste the tobaccos--in this case, the Virginias really come through. The sweetness tastes like it's coming first from the whisky and second from the Virginias. Not a complex smoke by any means, but well balanced and highly enjoyable with the quality that you'd expect from Stokkebye.
JA of Antioch, TN
I set down with this a few times, years ago, and decided to revisit it in my most recent order. Time and memory haven't dulled this in the slightest. I recalled it as a mild and smooth, with a rich me, the flavor of whiskey comes across sweet but not rich, like a nice Glenmorangie neat. The taste of the tobacco is slight at first, and that may turn some off, but it gradually builds, letting the bold burley flavor step forward and the whiskey take a backseat. I let it breathe for about 4-5 minutes before packing and lighting, and it burned mostly cool and smooth with just two sizzling spots near the bottom. The only caveat I can offer is this: While it allows some gulps and puffs(if you will), the deeper in you are, the more you want to sip and beware the sizzle. I believe 80% of all aro tongue burn comes from getting too comfortable with the tobacco. Not a dig at anyone either, but I notice my 'clencher' buddies get burnt more often than the 'holders'... I believe that is due to an unconscious extra sip or two, and the bottom half of this lovely tobacco will not allow it. If I were to call it a 1-10, 10 as best, I give the PS 38 a rating of 9, great whiskey flavor, smooth and light, a nice after meal kind of smoke or a smoke while chatting with friends.
EG of West Newton, PA
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