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Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bulls Eye Flake Pipe Tobacco
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Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bulls Eye Flake

A blend of ripe Virginia tobaccos spiced with pure Louisiana Perique. The center of Black Cavendish smooths out the taste. The outer blend is pressed into thin layers before being tightly spun around a stick of pressed Black Cavendish. The result is a massive ‘cigar’ which is cut into ‘medallions’ and packed. Lightly aromatic, medium strength. Most enjoyable on its own. Select 2 to 3 slices – rub gently by hand and fill the pipe lightly.

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Overall Rating4.95 out of 5 Based on 44 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bulls Eye Flake”

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5 out of 5
Just recently discovered the Peter
Just recently discovered the Peter Stokkebye Lux Flakes and they are simply amazing. The Bulls Eye, The Navy and the Twist are every bit as good as Orlik half the price ! I've been purchasing by the Pound lately and storing it away in the cellar.
5 out of 5
This was the first nonaromatic
This was the first nonaromatic tobacco I tried and it is one I always keep in the cellar. 5stars for sure.
5 out of 5
Good Tobacco
The fact I reordered this after a previous order should tell even idiots I like it.
5 out of 5
Perfect any time of day smoke.
Another one of my favorites. I buy this tobacco with the intention of letting it age for a few years. I’m smoking jars from 2018 currently. Letting it age, for at least two years allows it the chance to gain sweetness, depth and character.I get flavors of strawberry rhubarb tart after opening the jar. On the pallet, I get flavors of toasted brioche bread with a decent amount of sweetness. Do yourself a favor, buy a pound, jarred up and put it away for a few years. you won’t regret your decision. Before smoking allowed 20 to 30 minutes to dry out first.
5 out of 5
Peter Stokkebye luxury bulls eye flake
I tried 2oz of this a couple months ago and reordered a pound it’s delicious and is in my daily rotation which leans toward burleys but this is great.
5 out of 5
Love it
This is my favorite all day blend . Flavorful smoke with no toppings . Very good
5 out of 5
A great tobbaco. It breaks apart easy, no bite, wonderful taste. I bought 11/2 pounds to cellar.
5 out of 5
This is one of my
This is one of my favorites! Love the way it rubs out - the moisture content is perfect right out of the tin. It burns nice and slow with little to no tongue discomfort. It’s on my regular list.
5 out of 5
Most excellent .we'll worth the
Most excellent .we'll worth the cost.
5 out of 5
Delicious Vaper
Mindfully smoked and slowly, this is delicious. Especially in a bigger bowl where the flavor is allowed to open up. My best experience, after having used several pipes was a large billiard, similar to a Dunhill group 4 and 5. My "worst" (it's all good in the end) was in a very small billiard similar to a Dunhill group 1.
5 out of 5
Old Favorite
When in stock I treat myself to Bulls Eye Flake. It is a very smooth without tongue bite. No complaints in the room when smoking.
5 out of 5
A great slice
Been smoking this in my rotation for a few years. It is a little stronger than a Navy Flake but a good change.
5 out of 5
Great Smoking Tobacco
This is a pleasant tobacco to smoke right out of the bag. It's not to wet to smoke right away, lights well, and stays lit very well if you don't break it down to much. It's easy to just stuff a few slices right into the pipe, would be convenient hiking or hunting. Good balanced flavor. Seems naturally mildly sweet and extremely flavorful. It strikes me as a balanced Burley style of tobacco but don't hold me to it that there is any Burley in it because it isn't listed in the description. It must be the Perique. Room note is mild and fades away relatively fast.
5 out of 5
Peter Stokkebye Bulls Eye flaKe
Excellent and consistent. Good value. Similar to Escudo but less expensive.
5 out of 5
Nice smooth smoke
Nice smooth smoke
5 out of 5
Nice mild/moderate smoke
Nice mild/moderate smoke
5 out of 5
Just absolutely delicious tobacco note , flavor and smoke down to the very last. One of the best
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Excellent Mid Strength Smoke
Great smoke any day, any time. Not overpowering but never disappoints. I will always have some on hand. It has become a good friend.
5 out of 5
Very smooth smoke
Easy draw with pleasant room notes Will definitely purchase more. Just the right amount of nicotine and stays lit.
5 out of 5
Smokers delight
First time purchasing, 1 oz bag to try it out. Now I've added a 16 oz bag to my next cart. This was an amazing smoke and now I need more. The only thing missing is a Tin .
4 out of 5
Very smooth and even, makes
Very smooth and even, makes for a great bowl.
4 out of 5
Good right now, even better
Good right now, even better when aged!
5 out of 5
Simply the best!
5 out of 5
Unicorn blend
Finally I got some more of this. In my top three of all time
5 out of 5
Great Tobacco
One of the best Va/Per blends available at a very reasonable price
5 out of 5
Loved this tobacco! Very smooth
Loved this tobacco! Very smooth and cool smoke.
5 out of 5
This is some of the best pipe weed i have ever smoke. It is such a high quality tobacco. It smells like fermenting hay in a good way. The taste is hard to describe it is like a high quality cigar with some sweetness and a fermented background. The only down side for me is that it has a nicotine punch that will take you out. But I still give it a 5 out of 5! Try it you will not be disappointed!
5 out of 5
What a treat!
What a treat. Full smoke and smooth draw with very little bite. Burns even though the chamber. After trying a small sample, I became a big fan. The price you pay for this exceptional tobacco is well worth it. Treat yourself and score a bullseye.
5 out of 5
Complex flavor, consistent, and fun
Complex flavor, consistent, and fun to fold and stuff. This is one of my all time favorite blends. Just requires a little drying out and it’s good to go.
5 out of 5
One of Peter's best.
One of Peter's best.
5 out of 5
An excellent daily smoke!
I bought five 1.5lb boxes of Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake about a year and a half ago. I put in all in quart mason jars, and it's really starting to smooth out. I can't wait to taste it in five years! I've tried just about every way I can think of, to load the stuff, but I keep coming back to the fold and stuff. It burns slower, and has a more complex taste than if it's fully rubbed out (IMO). Try it out both ways and enjoy the difference, both are a fantastic smoke, I just prefer to fold it up and stuff it in.
5 out of 5
Love it better than medallion davidoff
5 out of 5
Excellent customer crevice fast delivery
Excellent customer crevice fast delivery
5 out of 5
Bulls eye Flake
Imazing tobaco.I am latakia smoker but this verginia i loved.
5 out of 5
One of the best to
One of the best to smoke as I have been smoking a pipe for 62 years. It is not to mild and not to strong which makes it just right.
5 out of 5
The best for every day!
5 out of 5
Great taste little bite
Great taste little bite
5 out of 5
Great smoke, sweet and gentle with no bite.
I've become a big fan of Virginia/Perique tobacco blends, and Peter Stokkebye's Luxury Bullseye Flake is one of my favorites. I like it so much that I bought the 24oz Box in my last P&C order. The box contains three long rolls of coins, that with careful loading, fit into one quart sized mason jar and one pint sized mason jar. The moisture content is perfect for aging and smoking. I'm going to age the quart jar, and smoke out of the pint jar. I took all shake and one coin, and filled up my Erik Nording Freehand Horn shaped like Churchwarden pipe. It has a tall and narrow chamber, just right for this type of tobacco. It's important to use the "Fold and Stuff" method for this and any medallion type of tobacco. If you rub it out, you will negate all the craftsmanship that went into making this type of cut. If medallions (in general) are rubbed out It make the tobacco burn too hot, loose flavor, and bite your tongue! After folding and stuffing several medallion, it lit up fairly easily, and I immediately tasted a grassy tangy sweetness, that grew stronger as the bowl progressed. The honey zone developed fairly quickly, and lasted all the way down to the bottom. This one can get hot if you don't smoke slowly, so keep a slow and gentle pace, and the flavor will be it's best. Smoke too fast, and the pipe will heat up and the flavor will diminish. Stay in the zone, and it will reward you with a satisfyingly sweet and delightful smoke. I love this stuff, and I will often infuse Cpt. Morgan's Spiced Rum into an ounce or two, for an even better flavor. Peter Stokkebye Deluxe Bullseye Flake is a very versatile and satisfying smoke, that I have kept on hand for the past 35 years. It is always a great smoke and a great respite from the latakia blends that make up about half of the tobacco blends that I enjoy. It resets my palette in a very pleasant way.
5 out of 5
Nive rolls
mild, smooth - improves with age if you cellar some!
5 out of 5
Excellent quality. Can be smoked
Excellent quality. Can be smoked everyday day in and out
5 out of 5
Good stuff
Good stuff
5 out of 5
Wonderful tobacco, excellent value
This flake is a delight, a wonderful Va/Per with a Black Cavendish center that smokes medium mild, cool and tasty. I usually fold & stuff, but if the center of Cavendish separates, I rub it out and sprinkle it on top. Either way, a great smoke and a bargain price.
5 out of 5
Best of two tobaccos.
You get the hay grassy taste & light lemon citrus taste and then comes along the hint of black cavendish. Very good tobacco one of my favorites. Thanks Mike NJ
Customer Testimonials
One of the all time best flakes. Folks like to compare this to other VA/Per coin flakes, which I myself have done, and I think that's incorrect. Yes, it looks and feels just like Escudo - but it's not Escudo. Same shape and process, but different ingredients. The Perique in PS is not as "peppery" as what Escudo uses. I'd say that the Luxury Navy flake is closer in flavor to Escudo than Bullseye. PS uses a pretty simple perique - I buy their perique in bulk as well for home blending. It's a nice leaf, but not really bold or complex (See C&D bulk perique for that) The Cavendish in this blend really odds a lot of body to it. It's a very small amount - but enough to give you nice billows of smoke. Burns cool and evenly. No bite. Slightly sweet, but in a savory sense, not a cloying sense. The character of the smoke can alter on how you prepare it. Rubbed out - it's less complex, more "malty" and burns a bit quicker. Folded, my preferred method for this coin, it's deeper and more complex - it also allows the Cavendish to do it's part more fully. Two coins is about perfect for a group 2-3, three coins for group 4-5. Pipe shapes also can alter this smoke. I prefer mine in tall(ish) group 3-4 billiards. I like to densely pack it and smoke it slow. That, at least for more allows the body to really come out. You'll definitely know when you hit the Cavendish, it's a nice surprise waiting in there for you. No bite, no burn. Folded will leave you with a small dottle topped with silverly / white ash. Rubbed out will go all the way to the heel. You can push this pretty hard without over-heating. The quality here is without doubt. I buy it buy the pounds and use pint mason jars. Good right away - and only gets better with age. Anyone that asks me my recommendation for a "Flake" - this is always my first recommendation. Complex and bold enough for a seasoned smoker that knows what to look for, but it won't scare away or overwhelm a first time flaker.
TS of Tulsa, OK
In my mind it's as good as Escudo, a personal fav, and available in bulk year around. What more could I ask for? Brilliant tobacco!
NA of Birmingham, AL
This tobacco is a pleasure to smoke in any of my pipes, especially, a meerschaum claw my wife bought for my birthday. However, it burns nice and tastes as adveritised, slow and easy does it for me, enjoy the sweetness of the virginia, and bits of perique with the dark spot of cavandish. I've been a pipe smoker for a year now and this is one of my favorites. I've tried other types but I feel each tobacco has it's own merits and requires some bit of restraint when comparing. On that note, I enjoy this tobacco and savor the moment of folding it and slowly smoking it in the morning or late afternoon in any of my pipes but especially the meerschaum. I cellared a couple of oz's for grins and giggles and will probably end up smoking it because it is such a good smoke and tobacco.
JB of Clinton, NC
My number one smoke! I find them rubbed out by cutting into quarters and dried gives me a really smooth and flavorful smoke I can mindlessly puff with no chance of a bite. Puff too hard though and the nicotine will get you as it's strong stuff. I daily to through an ounce and order 3lbs at time. I thing it would be great aged but I love it so much I would have to order 10lbs at a time to ever see that happen! Good stuff, you can't lose with it.
CT of Antioch, IL
This is one of my top 5 blends,not just for the price,but its just that good.i like full bodied and full strength blends.This my not be full strength but it is full bodied.imo.
EI of Lawrenceville, GA
At first I really didn't care for this blend.. but try after a few times I found that this was an excellent blend and stronger than my daily smokes. It has a very complex taste that can be subtle but worth every puff if you savor it. Very happy with it now and will be ordering more in the future.
NE of Columbus Grove, OH
One of the very best pipe tobaccos that I have tried; it has now become my all-time favorite. This flake is not to be rushed but it's made to sit back, relax and savored. I don't know if it's the nicotine or what but it does have a delightful, robustious kick.
RB of Kannapolis, NC
What a wonderful blend! This tasty smoke is becoming my go to blend. I will never be without this.
HR of Alto, MI
This is one of my favorite blends...and for the price, wow, you can't beat it! Sweet Virginias, nice amount of perique, with a sweet bullseye center that makes for a cool smoke. If you are a Va/per lover, you owe it to yourself to try this won't be sorry. My next order, I'm loading up and throwing it in my cellar for aging.
LB of Monroe, NC
I have cellared three pounds of this fine blend but it had been over a year since I last smoked it. I had the original 4oz bulk that I bought in 2012 and since it was a small bulk purchase the flakes were fairly knocked apart (buy a box if you want them in their pristine bulls eye shape) so I rubbed out the whole lot and jarred it. I smoked a bowl as I was putting it into the jar and I've been back into that jar several times over the last two weeks. Like Stokkebye's other flakes this is a classy tobacco and you can't beat the price anywhere. The smoke is flavorful Virginia and the little chunks of Cavendish flare up every once in a while adding a treat to an already fine smoke. I highly recommend LBF and if you can afford it, buy a box!
RS of Austin, TX
Where to start? I am new to pipe smoking, having done so for about six months. I wasn't sure I would like this, since I purchased another Va/per at my local B&M, Dunhill Elizabethan. I found that to be really cigaretty in flavor and aroma, which is something I am not interested in regarding the pipe. So, I thought I just didn't like the whole va per genre. I was seriously mistaken. This stuff is gold. I had fruity aroma on light up, to a warm brown sugar taste when I hit the cavendish, back to a slight peppery warmth and all along there was the sweetness of the Virginia. I mean, I really liked this blend. Now I understand how some reviewers wax poetic when describing their favorite tobaccos. Factor in the price at 2.50 an ounce, and you wind up with an unbelievable value and experience for the pipe. Will reorder before my 2 ounce trial is gone for sure.
CW of Raleigh, NC
This is great stuff. Alone, or with a pinch or two of something smokey like Latakia. Can't believe it's this easy on the wallet.
JW of Wurtland, KY
One of the best tobaccos I had I a long time has that lovely Vergina Flavor and that oh so sweet black cavendish make a this one of my top 20 Favorite tobaccos.
KJ of Aiea, HI
Nice blend, rich tobacco taste, slightly woody with an occasional sweet nutty note. Great if you want a no nonsense smoke.
TZ of Plainfield, IL
Very full and complex. Heavy nose and the variant within the bowl was delightful. Barely rubbed two coins into one bowl. Burned cooler than I would have expected. Highly recommended.
KL of Steubenville, OH
this is a good roll flake tobacco, This thing is pure tobacco goodness. love the black cavendish hmmm smooths out the taste.
KK of Chicago, IL
This is one delicious tobacco! I would not characterize it as overly strong, though it does have a little kick. The best way I can describe it is sweet and spicey. It has the bold spicey flavor you long for but with a nice sweetness that could make it an all day smoke for me!
ND of Boiling Springs, SC
Really nice tobac. Grassy and smooth. i like to pop out center and rub out rest, then i hide the cavs, in different spots while i pack bowl. Give a nice sweet little pop as the centers fire up.
AG of Delray Beach, FL
Smoking a bowl now as I write in my Stanwell Speciality freehand. The aroma is an earthy sweet smelling hay note. The coins are easy to pack, I simply fold two over and stuff lightly. You want it moderately loose, add the loose pieces as firestarters. Once you get it going, it's easy to keep lit. It's a heavy bodied smoke that taste like a peppered steak. The retro-hale is very spicy, I almost can't do it. This is a great tasting smoke. Will definately be a dedicated English/Non-Aro
Holy heck, wish I found this earlier. Classic hay-like Virginia with a little bit of sweet from the cavendish center. The bulk came a little moist but smoked great out of the bag. Like any flake, pack it on the loose side it the narrowest bowl you have and get ready for a real treat. And did I mention the price?? This stuff is a real value and a real treat.
CJ of Wichita, KS
I like! A bit more well-rounded than Escudo or Dunhill Navy Rolls (I'm guessing due to the inclusion of Burley and Cavendish), and every bit as enjoyable! Much easier on the wallet, too! Seriously, you can get 7 oz. of this stuff versus one 1.76 oz. tin of Dunhill, so it's definitely worth a try if you're into Va/Per blends and similar blends.
JG of Cantonment, FL
This is one to savor slowly not only to get the best taste experience of the natural tobaccos but it also packs quite a nicotine hit. Luxury Bulls Eye Flake smokes very dry and burns beautify with a slight background sweetness and just the right amount of spiciness from the Perique. Good stuff at a great price.
A very nice VaPer if smoked slow. I rub them out, because I find it nearly impossible to just stuff and go. And, I always look forward to the fire reaching the little black Cavendish center section, as it gives a sweet kick to the smoke. This a staple in my rotation and my cellar.
MJ of Helena, AL
This is a very full bodied and strong smoke. This thing is pure tobacco goodness! Try something else if you want something lighter.
KW of San Jose, CA
great Va/per tobacco. Has a nice little kick and the black Cavendish smoothes it all out
WJ of corbin, KY
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