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Peterson Connoisseur
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Peterson Connoisseur's Choice begins with bright and red flue-cured tobaccos and premium black Cavendish to which some rubbed-out flake is added. A mixture of sweet fruit, warm vanilla and zesty rum essences is applied to give the blend a wonderful room note and a smooth and enjoyable flavor. For aromatic lovers, this truly is a Connoisseur's Choice.

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Overall Rating4.5 out of 5 Based on 40 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Peterson Connoisseur's Choice”

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3 out of 5
middle of the road
a pretty good aromatic nice aroma and room note middle of the road smoke, no complaints . lots of aromatics like this one
5 out of 5
Most enjoyable. Very little “bite”
Most enjoyable. Very little “bite” with wonderful aromas. Cellar Reserve needs just a bit of drying time for a better burn. Great value.
4 out of 5
Some will love it
It's ok, not my kind of smoke though
5 out of 5
Cellar reserve an absolute treat!
Cellar reserve an absolute treat! If you like sweet aromatics. Great after dinner dessert smoke. Love all three east India smokes
4 out of 5
Decent. I liked it better than sweet killarney. The cut is decent and the taste is nice but it can bite if smoked hot
5 out of 5
Great blend. My go to
Great blend. My go to all day smoke
5 out of 5
Snuff dipper
4 out of 5
Favorite aromatic pipe .... any time of day
Rhis is a very nice aromatic blend. Pleasing room note, burns well, no goop at the end; various fruity notes, but not at all too sweet ..... just right, actually 👌. Goes well with coffee or tea. Can be an all day smoke, as there is nothing about it that is overdone. Every once in a while, a slight hint of cherry 🍒 turns up ...... once in a while, 🥥. Just the right bit of pinch through the nose. Most lively and enjoyable when sipped. Good socially. When that feeling for an aromatic blend arrives, this is definitely one to reach for.
5 out of 5
Both of these items had
Both of these items had amazing, smooth, velvety flavor that I would recommend to anyone. They are warm and I got the smell and flavor of coconut cream. That's just me, but I really enjoyed these products and my wife enjoyed the aroma. They will be remembered.
4 out of 5
Nice blend with a pleasant
Nice blend with a pleasant aroma. Smooth burn. It did seem to dry out faster than other tins.
4 out of 5
A very good smoke. It
A very good smoke. It has spice but still sweet, lots of fruit and rum.
5 out of 5
A really good taste to
A really good taste to this blend. It smoked well and may turn out to be one of my favs.
4 out of 5
Nice mix of Virginia and
Nice mix of Virginia and Cavendish.
5 out of 5
My favorite of all time
Sweet, citrus aroma, rich medium flavor without burning the tongue. In the tin tastes much better than bulk. I’d smoke it exclusively if it wasn’t out of stock so often.
5 out of 5
Must have if you like
Must have if you like aromatic.great aroma.and finish
5 out of 5
Peterson Connoisseur's Choice Hands down
Peterson Connoisseur's Choice Hands down no contest here. Tastes and smells wonderful!
4 out of 5
Very sweet strong smelling tobacco.
Very sweet strong smelling tobacco. Alright flavour, burns slow too!
4 out of 5
Conisours choice
Great room note does have a small amount of tongue bite,but in all its a good smoke.
4 out of 5
Not much bite very good
Not much bite very good aroma nice blend
4 out of 5
The blend in Connoisseurs Choice
The blend in Connoisseurs Choice is very well balanced. (No one component is too forward or overwhelming). The flavor is intriguing, and at different stages of a bowl full, different accents are more (or less) prevalent....such as, cinnamon, nuts, honey, and just a tad bit of vanilla. Very nice. A slow to moderate smoking rhythm leaves the chamber just fine afterwards and helps to bring out the different elements of the blend. The aroma is pleasant as well as a bit mysterious: just when you are about to put your finger on it, another aspect of it shows up. For me, this is a wonderful afternoon and/or evening smoke......quite nice for the last bowl of the day. Connoisseurs Choice is an aromatic that even English and Vaper devotees should be readily able to appreciate. It contains a level of sophistication that too many heavily treated aromatics lack. I am nearly finished with my first tin, but, for sure, it will not be my last. No bite. Chars and lights easily. Travels the nasal passage nicely. No dopple. Amazing tin note. Anyone searching for a quality aromatic should give this a shot. Also: great with some Frangelica liqueur 😉
4 out of 5
Great first smoke for a newbie
This is a really great 1st smoke, It Very light smoke with a light flavor that resembles raisins and rum to me. Smells great also, deffinetly reccomend this for novice pipe smokers.
5 out of 5
good smoke
it was good smoke , wood buy it a again soon
3 out of 5
Nice smoke.
It's not bad. Smooth smoke, slight after taste. Burns okay. I like a little more flavor.
3 out of 5
with it tasted as good as it smells
great tin note, great room aroma, lacking in flavor and complexity. smokes cool, stays lit, not much bite at all. some people love having a pipe smoker around for the way the room ends up smelling, ill smoke the rest of this tin around them, when i want something to thoroughly enjoy ill reach for other blends.
3 out of 5
outdoors smoke
Peterson's Connoiseur's Choice is a pretty good blend. It has a pleasing flavor, but tends to bite if not smoked REALLY slow. Around my house it is an 'outdoors smoke' due to the not so pleasing room note.
5 out of 5
One of the Better Aromatics
I like this blend, though I smoke aromatics rarely, I’m glad to have found this one; it’s not coated in flavoring, it is a blend where the flavoring compliments the tobacco, instead of masks the taste of bad tobacco, like many aromatics do.
5 out of 5
Great mild smoke with fruity notes
My go-to morning smoke. Notes of citrus and pineapple with a hint of rum. Really delicious. Mild smoking and bite-free. This one is addictive.
5 out of 5
This is my go to tobacco. It's mild with low nicotine. Nice room note. An all day smoker. No tounge bite. If your a mild fan buy it. Strong tobacco lovers not for you.
5 out of 5
A new favorite
I like a milder blend and this is one of the best. It's now on my rotation list.
5 out of 5
This is a true-balance Aromatic Blend.
The maple & rum flavoring (in tin, room note, and bowl) balanced with the citrus, is what makes this a unique and excellent aromatic blend from Peterson.
5 out of 5
A smooth and pleasant aromatic with a touch of spice!
This is a well-balanced aromatic (Black cavendish with Red & Golden Virginias) with a good blend of citrus, vanilla, rum, and delicious maple flavored (both tin and room notes). It is smooth but also has a slight zing to it. A winner from Peterson!
4 out of 5
Very Nice
As a new pipe smoker I enjoy Cavendish's overall. This was purchased because of the reviews, the smell and aroma is very nice and no tongue bite. The is a lot of fruit going on here. Overall a very soothing tobacco.
5 out of 5
A change from Ashton Guilty Pleasure.
Yes, I smoke aromatics. It keeps the peace in my home and allows me to partake of my pastime indoors during the winter months. I alternate between Guilty Pleasure and Connoisseur's Choice for a little variety and find that the Peterson blend is slightly sweeter and the Ashton has a little more of the flavor from the flake tobacco. Both are excellent and can be interchanged without tainting your briar pipe. No tongue bite from either if smoked correctly. A bit moist out of the tin but dries to a nice smokable texture in a pouch very well. Room note is very nice. Recommended highly if you like quality aromatics.
5 out of 5
I have been searching for the right tobacco for some time and finally stumbled on the perfect blend, no burn on the tongue, but yet bold flavor, perfection!
5 out of 5
Makes the pipe an enjoyable experience for novices!
Smoking a pipe should be enjoyable, especially for the novice and this label will not disappoint any pipe smoker of any stripe. If you enjoy aromatics then this is your blend in my opinion. Great nose right from the opening of the can and the flavor is simply wonderful. The room note cannot be beat either and the strength level makes this blend a wonderful everyday smoke from beginning to end. This is my current favorite.
5 out of 5
Smooth to the last puff
This tobacco tastes great, smells great and is smooth to the last puff. No bite near the end like others. You won't be disappointed.
5 out of 5
Connoisseur's Choice
Great aroma opening the tin. Mild non biting. Bursts with different flavors throughout the entire smoke. Very pleasant room note. Very satisfied with this tobacco and will get it again.
5 out of 5
Buttery Rum
I am generally an English blend pipe smoker, this was an exception as I love Peterson's pipes and this was my first foray into their tobacco. I have become something of a fan of this tobacco. It has little to no tongue bite and has a delicious buttery rum flavour. Its smokes smoothly and reduces to a nice ash. I am definitely adding this to my daily rotation.
5 out of 5
My longtime favorite
I've been a pipe smoker for 16 years and prefer aromatics. Connoisseur's Choice is by far my favorite. There's no bite to it and I can actually smell and taste the first 5-10 bowls (every other flavor I can only smell and taste the first bowl or two), so I alternate. The only thing I don't like about it is it's hard to spell!
5 out of 5
Connoisur's Choice
This is one of my favorite tobaccos. I keep trying new ones, but always go back to this one. The "fruity" flavor has no after taste. Smooth smoke from the first light, to last tamp. And "BITE" is not even in the vocabulary with this tin of tobacco! If you haven't tried it, don't wait. You'll being adding this one to your list of the MOST SMOKED tobaccos!
Customer Testimonials
Did not enjoy this at all. Is it the same blend as the tinned version?
TS of Fort Lauderdale, FL
Wow....out of the park home run. Let it dry a little before packing. Tin note very a xmas fruit cake. Upon lighting a great flavor hits you. Not overpowering, but pleasant. I personally did not pick up the Maple flavor, but did notice the rum and vanilla. Room note is amazing, very pleasing. Burned well, only had to relight one mid way through. Was a pure joy to smoke. I had to slow down....found myself puffing fast just to enjoy the flavor.
SB of Bellevue, NE
First time with Petersons Connoisseur's Choice.Terrible thing happened. Started smoking it yesterday and loved it 100% hands down.Left for work today and naturally had my pipes with me.OH NO-Left my tobacco home.For 8+ hours I could taste and almost smell that wonderful aroma and taste.Thats how good this tabacco is.Home now and the taste and aroma are filling me and my office,it is pure pleasure no BS. If you want to try something that really fills the void in aeros this is it.TROPICIAL fruit and MAGIC. Try it and if you smoke aeros you will find yourself re-ordering. One day I can afford a Peterson, but for now it is pure pleasure in this corn cob.
JM of Iron Station, NC
Man oh man there's a lot of stuff going on here. Tropical fruit, Maple, Vanilla and Rum. Virginias, Golden, Reds and flakes. Black cavendish. Throw it all together and what have you got ? Connoisseur's Choice, or should it be called Connoisseur's Aromatic Choice. Either way this is really good stuff. With a little drying out time you will be greeted with a top notch sweet and tasty aromatic smoke with minimal bite. Even when puffed hard all you get is a mild and manageable bite telling you to slow down a bit. Quality tobaccos, highly aromatic, very nice intermingling between the two. It's all there!
NN of Stockton, CA
This was a very mild smoke, very fruity and flavor. Had to leave the tin open overnight,it was kind of moist. Loved it.
BM of Massillon, OH
Peterson Connoisseur's Choice is a quite pleasant smoke, and unlike many aromatics actually tastes like it smells--fruitcake with rum to my palate. If you'd like to enjoy a mild smoke with great flavor that has the perk of getting deep nods of approval from the noses of those not enjoying a bowl I'd highly recommend this blend. 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.
DS of New Orleans, LA
This has some great flavor, it's definitely mild and no tongue burn. I found when I got it in that it was very wet so I let it sit out for a few days with the lid off of the can to let it dry out, but after that it was great! Highly recommended!
KR of Coventry, RI
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