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Samuel Gawith Grousemoor Pipe Tobacco
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Samuel Gawith Grousemoor

Samuel Gawith Grousemoor is a traditional British tobacco that has been around for well over a century. It's made of bright flue-cured tobaccos that have been steamed and stoved to develop a singular sweetness. It's then finished with a unique top note that includes some lemongrass. This is a true "Lakeland Virginia" for anyone who's a fan of tobaccos from the Kendal region. If you want to try a different take on a Lakeland blend, you'll want to try Samuel Gawith Grousemoor.

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Overall Rating4.29 out of 5 Based on 7 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Samuel Gawith Grousemoor”

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5 out of 5
Pleasantly surprised!
Definitely unique. Smells like lemon tea in my opinion when you open the can. Smokes pleasant like any other quality tobacco. I had trouble keeping it lit however. A little bit obscure. Buy a can if you ever come across it. I saw another review say it was terrible, I completely disagree!
5 out of 5
Interesting blend. Certainly worth a
Interesting blend. Certainly worth a try. Have fun!
4 out of 5
I'm relatively new to pipe smoking so this may be a problem with my inexperience but I had a problem keeping this tobacco lit. I eventually blended it with other tobacco's to enjoy it.
1 out of 5
Oh, the perfume!
If you like smoking incense or scented candles or eating soap, this one's for you. Not for me. I had little idea upon buying it just how perfumed it is. I've had the Samuel Gawith Firedance Flake with a little of this flavoring and that's acceptable in that blend, though I still don't prefer that blend for other reasons. Grousemoor is just unbearable for me. Not sure what I'll do with the tin. And glad I used a disposable corn cob!
5 out of 5
Read the WHOLE review please.
What a unique blend. The first thing that catches you is the classic artwork on the tin. Then you peel back the paper to see what may be the lightest and thinnest ribbons of tobacco you have ever seen. Then the aroma. The immediate tin note is, for me, like some creamy dish I would have been forced to eat at one of my mother's foreign friend's homes when I was a kid...and then spent the night sick. I can almost place the note I get but it's too mysterious. You ever overdo it on a drink (tequila for me) so bad that the smell alone can make you puke even years later? That's not the smell of the tobacco, but that's the feeling I got when I opened someone just wafted Jose Cuervo under my nose. Sounds like I really hate this stuff, doesn't it? Upon smoking it though, all of that went away and I was a delightful, light smoke with respectable nicotine content. The lemongrass note I had read about came forward as well on the french-inhale. I have been smoking it daily for the last four days and I am fully enjoying it. When I open the tin I can still smell that odd odor, but now I see that it is a nose issue. I now pick up notes of nuts, lemon grass, tobacco and a raisin-ish dark fruit. You may get that right out of the tin. I didn't, but I'm glad I got this product and will get it again.
5 out of 5
Damn Good Stuff
I just had to do this. Anxiously: eagerly, keenly, impatiently, excitedly, enthusiastic, intently and on and on!! this is good Good stuff smoke it slowly!
5 out of 5
A Favorite Breakfast Blend
Grousemoor is unlike any other tobacco I've smoked. I definitely taste something I'd describe as herbal and with so many calling it lemongrass, I'll take their word for it. It's certainly not lemon zesty though, it's nicely balanced with the tobacco flavor. From the tin I smell Fruit Loops cereal, my wife does not. It's a beautiful light golden Virginia that I like to let dry overnight for a morning smoke. I thoroughly enjoy the taste/aroma in the mouth, snorked, and allowed to wisp up my nostrils; each one bringing out subtle differences in the flavor profile. I would call the mouthfeel creamy. For me there's a noticeable dose of nicotine, not a high dose that would cause any discomfort, but enough to thoroughly relax me, that slightly warming glow I cherish in the morning. My wife finds the room note very pleasant. The first time I tried this it was in the evening and I wasn't impressed, I found it to be milder than I prefer; I generally smoke Virginia based blends mixed with Latakia, Perique, and oriental tobaccos throughout the day. As such, it would never work as an all day smoke for me, but excels as a sipper in the morning. Now that I've experienced it, I want nothing else with my morning coffee. I've never been one to dedicate a pipe to a specific blend or style, but with this one I will. As delicate as the flavor profile is I can see it easily being tainted by other tobaccos. I'm breaking in a new bowl for my Falcon with Grousemoor and will reserve it for this blend only.
Customer Testimonials
This is definitely a blend like no other. The lemongrass tin note is amazing and will greet you once you pop it open. It took me a few bowls to get into this blend, but after each smoke, I wanted more and more. I cannot even begin to describe the taste because there is nothing else like it. Like other SG blends, it comes a bit moist, so it will need to be dried out a bit. The best advice I can give is to get through a tin and then judge it. I found each smoke to taste better than the last and now it is a regular summertime smoke for me.
JT of Sterling Heights, MI
Have been smoking this since 2000 delightful all day smoke. Mild can bite if anxiously smoked.
PP of Stow, OH
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