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Savinelli Pipe Filters
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Savinelli Pipe Filters

Each pack contains 20 individual filters (6mm) or 15 (9mm). Each Balsa filter is a natural absorbent insert. Will fit any Savinelli pipe designed to accept the 6mm Balsa System filters.  The 9mm version will fit Savinelli pipes made for the European market. 6mm now also available in boxes of 300.

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Overall Rating4.9 out of 5 Based on 21 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Savinelli Pipe Filters”

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5 out of 5
OK, so I'm a light weight, I only smoke filtered pipes, finally decided to try the balsa filters and guess what...they were pretty amazing. They do a great job of sucking up the moisture and last longer than paper filters before needing to be replaced. I'd recommend anyone who smokes filtered pipes to give them a try.
5 out of 5
Great, not your standard filter.
I got some with my Siena 626 and even though I'm not much of a filter guy, these don't really act like a filter. More of a moisture wick. I'm just hoping they're back in stock soon
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
A better solution...
Very uncomplicated device that’s easy to install and remove after use. Doesn’t adversely affect the pipes draw. Does a good job of filtering too. Absorbs or stops moisture and/or small bits of errant tobacco. Elegant in it’s simplicity and utility. Must have for your 9mm filter pipe
4 out of 5
Good filter
5 out of 5
Did not like them I
Did not like them I don't believe they are a good filter
5 out of 5
Dry smoke, pure taste
Love these little fellers
5 out of 5
Team Balsa #9
Great filter for retaining the most flavor.
5 out of 5
I like the balsa wood, they soak up a lot of moisture and they are easily trimmed to your preference.
4 out of 5
A good filter
Have not noticed any difference between the Savinelli and paper filters. They do the job.
5 out of 5
Cut the bite
Takes the moisture out. Cuts back on a hot smoke. For me it cuts back on tongue bite.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Filters 9mm
The balsa filters do a great job. They work a lot better than charcoal. Can't even tell they are there.
5 out of 5
Wanted to try these to replace the regular tubes you would find, very satisfied with the result but don't leave them in your pipe after they get wet. Spent about half an hour digging one out
5 out of 5
My husband was VERY happy with these filters that I ordered him as a surprise!
5 out of 5
Good Job As Always
My order was processed and shipped in a very timely fashion as always. You folks always do a good job, it seems.
5 out of 5
Smooth and dry
I love the balsa wood filters that Savinelli has long been famous for in the 6mm size, and these 9mm filters offer the same benefits. The smoke still flows smooth and you lose none of the flavor (something I can't always say when using a 9mm charcoal filter), but you get a great absorber for any moisture as well as a nice cooling and regulating factor that helps with bite. Very satisfying, if you smoke a filter pipe.
5 out of 5
Favorite Filter Method
The best cost effective filter. I prefer the 9 mm rather than the 6mm but both IMO are the best filters. They still let the taste come through unlike the charcoal kind. They give a complete cool and dry smoke. It is a balsa filter round and has groves to let the smoke past on the outside. The manufacture says you can soak it in water, let it dry and reuse. Gets tarred up on the ends which I just cut off with a razor and reuse till it gets too short.
5 out of 5
great little fllters
These balsa wood filters really work well. Very happy
5 out of 5
Great Filters with Great Service
The filters work exactly as advertised, I am currently trying out several different types of filters as well. Great Customer Service with Pipes and Cigars as always!
5 out of 5
Cool Dry Smoke
These are my favorite and imho best filters available. They cut down moisture and tongue burn almost to zero and dont effect ease of draw or clarity or taste.
Customer Testimonials
These work quite well. I like to use them when I have them, but for the most part I just roll up a little square of paper towel and stick it where the filter goes and it works just as well and is vertually free. These filters are nice though to have.
Best pipe filter out there. It does not hinder the taste at all and does a great job of absorbing moisture and tar. I recommend these filters for and Savinelli or any pipe that holds a 6mm filter.
They do what they are designed to do, wick away excess moisture and provide a cooler smoke. A must have for and Savinelli pipe owner.
Whenever I get a pipe that has a 6mm paper filter in it, I throw it away and replace it with one of these balsa wood filters. They do a much better job than any paper product.
Works as advertised. Have to change filters after two uses as it soaks up alot of moisture.
The filters are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I recently begun using the Savinelli Balsa filters in my Missouri Meerschaum pipes. They fit great, they provide a clearer more fuller draw, and they soak up the yuck that can creep up the bit. The Balsa filters are the way to go.
I switched to pipe smoking from hand rolled cigarettes. No filters for me, thank you. Well, I recently purchased an interesting little pipe which takes 9mm filters. Since I am a terribly impatient and hasty smoker, I figured it was time to try a filter. (I go through as many as half a dozen pipe cleaners in my messiest bowls.) I now wish I had bought a few more filtered pipes on the way to my current stable of 15 pipes. I don't blame my pipes (much) nor my tobaccos (many) for how wet I smoke. But these filters absorb everything that runs at them from any direction. They cover a multitude of sins. The draw with these, assuming the pipe is drilled properly, is improved, if anything. Don't worry about that. I am sure some particulate matter is stopped too;it is quite visible when the filter is removed. Taste does not suffer at all, however. This was my biggest concern. I like the full tobacco experience. All my favorites taste very good with these filters. I do not get more than two bowls from each filter. I let them dry for a day or two between uses. I am sure other smokers get more from them. As I confessed, I am a wet smoker. If all my pipes used these, perhaps I could not justify the extra expense of using one up after two smokes. But that is my fault, not the design or material. I quite like these and would recommend them.
At first I wasn't sure how these were going to work. Now I really like them. I get about 3-4 uses out of them, letting each filter air dry a couple of days before using it again. The longer I smoke pipes, the more I am gravitating toward filtered pipes because there's virtually no tongue bite or burning or gurgling. I rarely smoke an unfiltered pipe anymore.
I purchased a Savinelli Gaius 616 and it came with a filter and some extras. I was absolutely surprised at the quality of the balsa wood system. They are excellent at removing most of the unwanteds from the smoke and they DO NOT hinder drawing from the pipe. The filters can be re-used up to 3-4 times too so they are economical. They absorb a lot of moisture to.
If you use these, then you know how much they retail for. This is a great price and you won't need to restock any time soon.
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