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Scotty's Bulk Blends - Trout Stream

Scotty's Bulk Blends - Trout Stream taste great in your tent on a cool misty morning. Scotty’s Trout Stream is a flavorful aromatic that isn’t too overpowering and smokes well all the way through. Find Trout Stream and all of Scotty’s blends including University Professor, Butternut Burley, Bass Pond, and more exclusively here at P&C at jaw-dropping prices.

Due to recent regulations, this blend is now only available as a Pre-Built Blend Kit for you to become a master blender right in your own home. Each kit, once blended, will produce 8oz of Scotty's Trout Stream. 

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Pipe Tobacco SamplerIn Stock$25.99
Overall Rating5 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “Scotty's Bulk Blends - Trout Stream”

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5 out of 5
Elite Aromatic you need to try to believe (UPDATE)
My favorite aromatic by far. It is so smooth and the room note so pleasant I don't know how other aromatics that are higher in cost can't even compare to this one. No bite either -Update: If you add in a bit of Latakia (amount to blender's taste) and blend it, this adds even more dimension to the smoke. Phenomenal
Customer Testimonials
This is some of the best smelling tobacco I ever had. It smells very sweet like a creamy candy and has a note of toasted marshmallow. Very smooth and no bite. I couldn't be happier. I finally have a tobacco I can buy in bulk.
NM of Wilkes-Barre, PA
When I first opened my package i could smell it just sitting there so i decided to try it right off the bat and was very. Happy Trout Stream is a very nice aromatic blend. Light, no real bite and stays lit.
ET of Andalusia, AL
My go-to smoke. Mellow enough to smoke all day. No bite at all, and stays lit. This is a fantastic every day smoke!
MC of Clinton, CT
There is a reason this stuff is always back ordered so get a bunch when you get it! Great smoke, thank you!!!
SO of Quincy, IL
I smoked this after a while then gave to my friend because he was bugging me about it. Its that good.
ZP of Arlington, TX
I ordered some to try, liked the butternut burley so this stuff was actually better. It had a great pouch note of butterscotch, smoked with no bite and went great with tea or coffee. This will stay in my tobacco inventory.
DC of Cameron Park, CA
Forget about that Lane stuff and overpriced tins. This stuff is fantastic!! I am not even a fan of aro's but Trout Stream could make a convert out of me in a hurry. Smells fantastic, tastes fantastic, burns fantastic and is way underpriced. Wait a minute, forget that last part or the people at P & C might get ideas. If you like Werther's Originals you'll love Trout Stream
WH of Brunswick, GA
I've tried numerous pipe tobaccos and I'm always searching for a new flavor but the trout stream has been the only kind that I consistently buy. The aroma is outstanding and it burns perfectly. Although the butterscotch aroma doesn't really come through with a butterscotch taste, it is still a delightful taste. Overall I would say trout stream is my holy grail of pipe tobaccos and it's the perfect flavor for a nice relaxing smoke. Pour a cup of tea and fill your pipe with trout stream and sit back and enjoy.
NW of South Park, PA
This is by far my favorite tobacco. Whether in the bag it comes in, or a jar you put up on shelf. The aroma is just intoxicating. Very sweet, caramel and vanilla notes. Best smoked in a deep chambered bowl. If smoked to hard you will experience tongue bite. Very pleasant on the palate. People love the room note even if they are non smokers. This tobacco is a staple in my stock. I strongly recommend this if you enjoy aro's. Even if you like English and Balkan blends you will enjoy it as a change up tobacco.
KA of Ravenna, OH
There is no "rich butterscotch aroma" There is no "smooth flavor". It taste's like a campfire, and has a bit of tongue bite. I was not impressed with this one at all and will not buy it again. The only positive is that it does stay lit very well. I asked several people as they came over and they described the "room note" as cigarette. I had my brother smoke a bowl while i went to the store, and I concur as I walked back into the house it smelled like a bar.
RB of Dayton, TX
This was the first tobacco I ever purchased in a true tobacco shop, by Russ himself, I still get it at the old shop even though Russ isn't there anymore. The butterscotch/vanilla pouch fragrance and a perfect mix of latakia give this blend a smooth mild smoke with no bite and a terrific room note. I would recomend this to any aromatic smoker looking for a daily tobacco.
BV of Athens, NY
Perfect pipe smoke! Smooth and mild. My wife loves the smell!
SM of Lakeside, OR
Decent aromatic. Pouch note didnt translate to taste though. Smoked all the way to the bottom with little dottle. Like its title, this is probably best saved for long days of fishing, when you need a blend you can puff all day long.
MW of Syracuse, NY
This is an excellent aromatic. I've never been a fan of butterscotch flavored foods, but I'm finding that butterscotch flavored tobaccos are excellent. When smoked, it comes on more like a sweet vanilla caramel with a buttery smoothness. Tasty! Even better, the price is unbeatable. That is, when it's in stock. I'm holding back my entire order hoping that P&C will get resupplied. I can't wait to get a lb. of this stuff. Just keep it away from kids and animals, as they'll likely try to eat it, it smells so darn good.
HS of Fayetteville, PA
I love this stuff. Just the smell of it sitting there on my shelf. It's a smooth smoke for any time of day.The best pipe tobacco I've ever had.
JR of New Palestine, IN
Scotty's HPCS Trout Stream is a very nice aromatic blend. Light, no real bite, and smokes very similar to Vauen's Espressotabak.
ES of St. Peters, MO
Really really great no bite burns great not having to keep relight arom nice can't wait to order more
RM of Indio, CA
This really is a great any time of the day blend... the casing is very light.. and you get true tobacco flavors during the smoke.... I am not a trout fisherman.. but after several pipe fulls of this blend... I can see why you could puff on this during your fishing trip.... but I love it several times a day.. and it always provides me with a good constant smoke without any bite no matter how hard you work it.
MP of Locust Grove, GA
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