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Sutliff Butter Pecan Pipe Tobacco
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Sutliff Butter Pecan

Sutliff Butter Pecan shows their mastery of black Cavendish. No company makes more varieties of black Cavendish, and this one is truly unique. The Cavendish is made from toasted, then steamed Green River Burley, and finished with a combination of a buttery, warm vanilla flavor and the subtle essence of toasted pecan. If you want a black Cavendish blend with a mellow flavor and great room note, give Sutliff Butter Pecan a try.

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Overall Rating3.67 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Sutliff Butter Pecan”

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3 out of 5
Strong smell not so strong flavor.
This one through me for a loop. The bag was super strong smelling like pecan pie. But, the flavor was so mild it bored me a little bit. Nice room note though.
3 out of 5
Very strong bowl note and room note.
Bowl: Great bowl note. The strongest bowl note of any Sutliff I've tried, and stronger than most other tobaccos I've smoked in general. "Thick" smell that permeated the bag. I would store this one away from other tobaccos. Definite butter pecan smell. Room: Smells a lot like the bowl note, which in my experience has been uncommon with aromatics in general. Only Sutliff I've tried where the room note matched the bowl note. I pick up a slight floral/potpourri note when it's burning, which I dislike. Not as light of a smell, definitely more "medium." I feel like this would give me a headache if I smoked more than a bowl of it, due to the strong potpourri smell I get from it. Easy to over tamp it, it's moist and I had trouble keeping it lit. Mouth: Has slight bite to it, more bite than any other Sutliff I've tried so far. Only a slight bite though, not bad. Just as the smell is more "medium" than light, the taste is thicker too. This does not leave a film feeling on my tongue (which Sutliff Vanilla Custard did) but definitely a stronger taste. Verdict: I would personally not buy this again because of the floral notes that start to give me a headache. But other than that, I would probably buy it again.
5 out of 5
If they had six stars I'd give it
Awesome sweet flavor and aroma and extremely exceptionally smooth, would recommend for anybody who loves aromatic deep bold sweet flavors
Customer Testimonials
Highly recommended for those who enjoy a good aromatic. It leaves a warm hint of vanilla in your mouth and has an excellent room note. The only critique that comes to mind is the fact that it tends to burn rather hot and quickly. Besides that though, it is a solid blend. If you enjoy vanilla with a hint of pecan, then this is the blend for you. I give it a 4/5.
RB of Chickasaw, AL
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