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Sutliff Private Stock Eastfarthing  1.5 Ounce Tin
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Sutliff Private Stock Eastfarthing

There are two groups of pipe smokers who will find a lot to like with Sutliff Private Stock Eastfarthing. The first group is people who fondly remember lightly aromatic blends that had some Latakia mixed in, like Revelation and Barking Dog. The other group would be those folks who really miss McClelland's Frog Morton blends, and there are a lot of you out there.

Sutliff Private Stock Eastfarthing has a base of red Virginia and toasted Burley, along with a splash of Cyprian Latakia, but what sets it apart is the smooth and mellow vanilla note that lightly sweetens the mixture and gives it a pleasant room note. I'm willing to bet that this will rapidly become one of the best-selling entries in the Sutliff Private Stock lineup.

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Overall Rating4.83 out of 5 Based on 30 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Sutliff Private Stock Eastfarthing”

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5 out of 5
Good to the last puff.
This is everything I'm looking for in a pipe tobacco. Very new to the hobby, but I really enjoyed Presbyterian mixture and some aromatics from the local B&M, and those flavors led me to Sutliff #504C Aromatic English. I LOVED that one (and I still do, just bought 4 oz to cellar) but Eastfarthing is now my new favorite. Some folks say it's similar to 504C, and it is, but to me, the Eastfarthing has a much more noticeable Latakia hit and is a bit stronger and fuller-flavored than the Aromatic English. The aroma and tin note of this one are just incredible and the flavor is consistent, cool and smooth all down the bowl. The light hit of leathery, smoky Latakia is present throughout and the sweet, hay-like Virginias came through near to the bottom of the bowl. This is my new favorite and I plan to stock up on it. If you like either English blends or aromatics, this one is good to the last puff.
4 out of 5
Needs MORE Latakia, and a pinch of Perique
Close to Frog Morton but needs more Latakia and a pinch of Perique if my memory serves me well. Still delicious.
4 out of 5
Needs more Perique
Close to a Frog Morton replacement but could use more Latakia and a pinch of Perique if my memory serves me well. Still delicious.
5 out of 5
New favorite
I was a little unsure about an English aromatic, but this is an amazing blend. Some say it’s a frog Morton replacement, I have never smoked frog Morton so I don’t know. This blend is great I know that for sure! It’s my new favorite.
5 out of 5
Nice surprise!
Very, very nice from light up till the last puff. Great taste and smell. One I hadn't tried before and looking forward to smoking more...
5 out of 5
Taken my top spot
Fantastic, sweet , yet smoky and full of flavor. Great all day!
5 out of 5
I bought Eastfarthing after a
I bought Eastfarthing after a friend recommended it and I am thrilled: nice balance of smokiness from the latakia and a slight vanilla sweetness that is just right.
5 out of 5
Aro smoker or not , try it
Fantastic everyday blend. Smokes cool, light sweetness not overpowering with the occasional smokiness from the Latakia. Bel this to be a new favorite
3 out of 5
Smells like chocolate, smoke little
Smells like chocolate, smoke little warm, not a horrible blend just ok.
5 out of 5
Tastes great smells great I
Tastes great smells great I like it
5 out of 5
Hardy smoke
When I opened the can and inhaled it smelled so hardy. After smoking a few bowls it is good. At times I smell Earl Grey tea? The retrohale is sweet.
5 out of 5
I tried this as a
I tried this as a “replacement” for Frog Morton Cellar, as was suggested by various reviewers. I now think it stands alone. The room note is pleasant and the feedback from family is that it “smells like I think pipe tobacco smells.” It smokes smooth and relatively cool and has become my favorite “near English” smoke and I still have FMC in a jar.
5 out of 5
Really Good Stuff
One of the most pleasant mild English blends around. Sutliff hit it with this one.
5 out of 5
New Favorite!
Aromatic English WAS my favorite tobacco. Now it's Eastfarthing. I, like many others, I'm sure, have tried dozens, if not hundreds of tobaccos, but I'm chucking most of them as of today. I simply don't want to smoke anything else. I will keep my bulk Aromatic English, and some of my other latakia-heavy blends for certain occasions, but Eastfarthing is just that little bit brighter and more pleasant - it can be smoked anytime, anywhere, and it doesn't get old. Need it in bulk!
5 out of 5
So good!
So good!
5 out of 5
An Immediate Favorite
While I can not speak to the FMC comparisons, having started after McClelland closed shop, I can say unequivocally that this blend is a winner on its own merit. Generally, when I try a new blend, it takes a handful of smokes to get into. Not so with Eastfarthing. From the first light to the bottom of the bowl, I settled right in. It’s a nice, mild combination of English character with a light touch of Aromatic sweetness. Won’t be smoking it in my main English pipe again, because the vanilla note is present enough to present a ghosting concern, but I will definitely be ordering more and smoking it frequently!
5 out of 5
Has a wonderful aeromatic smell,
Has a wonderful aeromatic smell, absolutely no bite with excellent flavor. My favorite is Molte Dolce , with this being a close 2nd. The only 2 tobaccos I smoke. Just wish you could buy in bulk.
5 out of 5
Not an exact replacement for
Not an exact replacement for FMC, but pretty darn close. I like to dry it out a little bit before smoking. A great lightly aromatic English!
5 out of 5
A near replacement of Frog Morton
Since McLelland shut down, I (and many others) have lamented the loss of our favorite latakia. I have searched these lonely years, only to remain tragically disappointed. I recently gave it one last shot before giving up the ghost and sticking the the mellow sweetness of Ole Shenandoah as my only go-to. But wait, what smell wafts through yon gentle breeze??? Eastfarthing! Yeah so the branding and packaging is a bit plain, and their ode to Tolkien MOST DEF reads as EastFarting upon a glance, but nevertheless I have found my NEAR replacement to the frog!
5 out of 5
Pipe weed indeed!
A savory little blend, Eastfarthing delivers notes of bacon and exotic spice markets. Works exceptionally well as an aperitif before dinner. With a hearty flavor and smooth finish, it also (like a good party guest) knows when to leave. It is all too easy to smoke this in a Churchwarden and find your mind wandering to a land of rich food, round doors and a party tree.
5 out of 5
Perfect crossover
I can believe this isn’t all the rage. Nice English flavor with a touch of vanilla. Stocking up.
5 out of 5
I absolutely love this stuff.
I absolutely love this stuff. Great way to bridge the English and aromatic blend gap.
5 out of 5
Certainly give this one a try.
This one one of the first 3 tins I ever got. It is the only one I have purchased a second time and will continue to have as I run out. I love the aroma and the way it smokes. Just an all around great enjoyment. Certainly try it out.
5 out of 5
First 5 star review I've ever given.
Sutliff Eastfathing... Wow.. I mean WOW! if your curious about this one. Get it. Sutliff swung for the fences with this one. It's pleasant in every way. Virginias, burlys, latakia.. each part of this blend lets the different tobaccos qualities shine. Top of the bowl the burlys and Virginias are bright with wonderful body. Passed the middle to the bottom the latakia takes center stage. I really can't oversell this one.
5 out of 5
My kind of aromatic!
A great tasting aromatic that actually has some body to it. Smooth vanilla flavor with just enough Latakia to make it worth your while. The vanilla-incense room note is great as well.
5 out of 5
Good stuff, this is a solid smoke with just enough perfume to keep the wife happy. Really enjoying it.
5 out of 5
Take A Trip to Eastfarthing
If you're looking for a blend that could be an "all day" smoke that is not too mild, but not so robust that it will knock you off your feet, Eastfarthing is the perfect mix. Here are some things about this blend that stand out to me. One, it is smooth. From beginning to end, this blend will smoke consistent and smooth in your bowl. The second thing I notice is the more subtle notes you can pick up during the retro-hale. To me, it tastes/smells exactly like a tobacco shop! For me, this is a good blend to start my day with, and a blend that I would highly recommend to pipe enthusiasts whether you're new to the hobby or have been smoking for years.
5 out of 5
A good sweet vanilla-english blend...
to me,hard to tell apart from Sutliff aromatic English....not at all disappointed, BOTH are great..but try as I might..I can't tell the difference. Still highly recommended for anyone who may enjoy a mix of light Latakia and vanilla blend.
4 out of 5
Mild to medium, all day smoke
Eastfarthing consists of red Virginia, stoved Burley, and aged Cyprian Latakia with a touch of Vanilla (liquor?) topping. It’s a beautiful ribbon cut blend consisting of mostly brown, dark brown, and black tobaccos with the occasional bright golden ribbons, too. The moisture content is as close to perfect as one can get. After opening the tin, one would probably need to jar it so it doesn’t dry out too much. The first thing I get from the tin is a deep vanilla scent — like a french vanilla. And maybe just a hint of cocoa that adds to the depth of the vanilla. Then there’s a deep, damp, earthy smell. I really can’t smell any of the Latakia. Overall I find the tin note very pleasant. As I found the moisture content to be spot on, I didn’t let it dry any before loading my pipe. Of course, there might have been a very slight drying to it since I popped the tin the previous afternoon, but I really couldn’t tell it. I smoked this in my Peterson’s Mark Twain; it’s a System pipe. Eastfarthing packed well and took to the flame without issue. There were no issues with neither the charring (or false) light nor the true light. The taste was nice, too. Nothing too harsh; a mild to medium taste that was similar to the tin note but only barely. I got some wafts of incense from the Latakia that were all but absent from the tin. Comparing this to their 504C, I would say 504C is stronger in the flavor department with more Latakia coming through. The nicotine feel is very mild. As I was smoking this first thing in the morning with only some coffee as my companion, I was expecting more of a “nic-hit.” I’m pretty much a lightweight when it comes to nicotine so I was expecting that familiar, but unwanted, dizzy feeling — it never visited me. There’s virtually no tongue bite or harshness with this blend. Eastfarthing burns down to a nice white ash with virtually no moisture in the bowl. All in all, it’s a mild to medium blend which could very easily be an all day smoke.
5 out of 5
Eastfarthing did not disappoint
I very much enjoyed this tobacco. It was as described. It smoked cool with a mild sweetness that complimented the natural tobacco taste present. Unfortunately, I cannot compare this to Frog Morton blends, since I began smoking a pipe shortly before they called it quits. As such, I cannot say whether this will fill the hole left by Frog Morton. All I can say is that I will definitely be purchasing this again and that it has filled a hole in my own personal rotation. Well done Sutliff.
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