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Sutliff Vanilla Custard Pipe Tobacco
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Sutliff Vanilla Custard

Vanilla Custard is one of Sutliff's best-selling aromatics. Made of naturally sweet bright Virginia along with mellow Burley and soft black Cavendish, Vanilla Custard is finished with one of the richest combinations of vanilla flavors we've ever come across. The flavor is smooth, and buttery-sweet, and the room note is one of the most pleasant you'll ever experience.

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Overall Rating4.69 out of 5 Based on 42 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Sutliff Vanilla Custard”

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5 Star
4 out of 5
4 Star
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3 out of 5
Not Bad
Nothing to write home about.
4 out of 5
Pretty good smoke
Pretty good smoke. I’d recommend it.
5 out of 5
Great aromatic smell and taste. All day go-to
Tried a sample and really enjoyed it……so much so I bought 2 pounds! Found out yesterday my kids bought me another pound for Father’s Day! I might have to order some more, 3 pounds doesn’t seem to be enough. I sometimes mix it with Lane BCA or Lane 1Q. Really good smoke!
3 out of 5
I found this to be
I found this to be just okay .
5 out of 5
Very good
Best aromatic blend I’ve ever had it’s quality tobacco and smooth tasting.
5 out of 5
Smoked quite a few aromatics
Smoked quite a few aromatics in my day this is always my go-to.
5 out of 5
The best
The art of tobacco for pipes has come a long way. One of my top three for its smoothness and mildnes is the Sutliff Vanilla Custard.
5 out of 5
One of my "go to,"
One of my "go to," flavours! Great taste, awesome aromas, and a great smelling smoke! It does attract attention when smoking in public! Definitely a fave of mine!
5 out of 5
Smells great and doesn’t bite
Smells great and doesn’t bite
5 out of 5
Best of all, wife loves
Best of all, wife loves it.
5 out of 5
As the name says….
Tried a sample and really liked it. I’m a fan of vanilla flavor and usually smoke Lane 1Q mixed with Lane BCA. This is one of the rear tobacco’s that taste and smell like their name leads you to believe! Great smell and great room note. Requires very few re-lights and burns to a white ash. Try this, you won’t be disappointed.
5 out of 5
About as Vanilla as it gets!!
I'm usually skeptical about a lot of aromatics with toppings, as they aren't that smooth or flavorful. This one, however never leaves you wondering between the subtle flavor and the smoke, that there's Vanilla going on. And it's not bitter, and burns smoothly without a lot of bite, unlike many other sweet aromatics. It's one of my sweet go-to's, like desert after a nice English blend. I'll pass on the rest, but this one's a steady friend in my pouch.
5 out of 5
Sutliff vanilla custard
May be too "sweet" for some but my opinion that this pipe tobacco is one of the strongest vanilla and butterscotch or butter flovoring that will not disappoint. Awesome room note. Mild and can be smoked all day. Can be moist, so a little drying time recommended before packing your pipe. Sutliff brand this is a keeper!
3 out of 5
What vanilla?
I was pleased with this, but there didn't seem to be any vanilla in the room note, or while smoked. I've smoked other vanilla flavored tobaccos, though I can't remember the names, that I loved. I'm looking for a tobacco with the same strong vanilla taste, so I'm methodically going thru your inventory of vanilla flavored tobaccos.
5 out of 5
So so tasty
Oh this is so tasty!!!! I was so surprised at the flavor!!! The room note was very pleasant! I am definitely buying more this is now in my top 5 favorites! I could have this as an everyday smoke!!
5 out of 5
Smooth and mellow. My wife
Smooth and mellow. My wife really likes the smell as soon as I open the can, as well as the room note. A good all-day, any-time smoke.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Buy this one!!
Wow this is now one of my new favorites!! Sweet vanilla taste to it and the aroma is out of this world. Just take a whiff of the bag and it will tell you what you are in for. From the first lighting of it all the way through the bowl the flavor is consistent and no bite to it at all. Try this one and you will not regret it.
5 out of 5
Great taste & aroma, always
Great taste & aroma, always my main go to, nice vanilla flavor and only has a bite if you smoke it to fast.
5 out of 5
This is a very good
This is a very good tobacco. It's does not bite when it's near the bottom of the bowl. It smokes mild not harsh and has a mild vanilla aroma.
5 out of 5
This is a tobacco I'm constantly running out of and I buy it in bags as big as couch pillows.
5 out of 5
Sutliff Vanilla Custard
One of my favorites.
3 out of 5
Was a bit musty
Good smoke but fragrance a bot over powering.
4 out of 5
Vanilla custard
smells amazing in the jar, very tastey. Mellow.
4 out of 5
Strange smell for vanilla
Strange smell for vanilla
4 out of 5
I like the aroma smell
I like the aroma smell and flavor it’s one of my favorites. It’s the one I order each time I order tobacco. It’s a keeper for me.
5 out of 5
Aroma is great and smoke
Aroma is great and smoke is smooth and mild.
5 out of 5
Excellent Aromatic!
I love this stuff!! Let it dry out a bit and it's just about perfect. The flavor and smell are good from start to finish.
5 out of 5
Vanilla Custard
This blend is a great aromatic, not only does it smell good, it also leaves a great after taste of vanilla custard in your mouth for the next few hours after smoking!
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Good flavor and mild
Good flavor and mild
5 out of 5
Very smooth and the aroma
Very smooth and the aroma is great!
5 out of 5
My favorite blend see
This is my favorite blend, l have logged many hours relaxing and enjoying the sweetness of this tobacco, what wonderful way to end the day. I have never had anyone complain about the aroma while smoking around them, most people enjoy it as much as I do. I have also used it to enhance other blends. No joke just a great smoke.
5 out of 5
I have been ordering tobacco
I have been ordering tobacco that is mild. This has no bite and is a great smoke.
5 out of 5
Yes Sir, I like it.
Beautiful. This tobacco was smooth and very aromatic. This will defiantly be reoccurring order from now on.
4 out of 5
A fine tobacco
Just smoked my first bowl of the vanilla custard. The aroma out of the package was absolutely phenomenal. Smelled like creamy vanilla with a slight chocolate hint. The flavor and aroma were pretty mild first few minutes after lighting it. After that the aroma really came through and the flavor was pleasant. It was a cool smoke. I smoked it in a Missouri Meerschaum cob for about 40 minutes. 40 minutes of pure smoking joy. It's a fine tobacco.
5 out of 5
This pipe tobacco is the bomb on its own and it mixes well with black cherry.
5 out of 5
Great smoke for a great price
Since quitting cigarettes I've been vaping vanilla custard juices, so of course this had to be one of my first pipe smokes. I liked it so much I had to order the 1lb bag. Everyone around me loves the smell, even the non smokers. Not super strong on the flavor but its simple, sweet, and just a little creamy. Will be keeping this stuff stocked.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Great taste and aroma
My first time trying Sutliff and I love it. This blend is nice and sweet and the aroma is fantastic. I'm ready to try a heavier flavor. I'm hooked.
5 out of 5
Does What it Says on the Label
Sometimes it's refreshing to get exactly what was advertised. Sutliff's Vanilla Custard smells just like vanilla before, during, and even after combustion! You open the jar and smell vanilla. You catch a whiff of the wisp of smoke coming up from your pipe and smell vanilla. You walk into your smoking room an hour post-pipe and (you guessed it) smell vanilla. Obviously the smell of a pipe tobacco isn't everything; taste is equally important. It should be no surprise to learn that the smoke also (fittingly) tastes like vanilla. I got exactly what I purchased and couldn't be more pleased!
5 out of 5
Unbelievable! If you are looking for an incredible smelling and tasting tobacco, this is it!
Customer Testimonials
Absolutely delicious !! This stuff smells amazing. Every time I opened the bag to smell it I wanted to smoke more. Very enjoyable to smoke. I will be buying much more of this.
NM of Wilkes-Barre, PA
I tried this vanilla custard and tasted no custard, my girlfriend said she could smell it, I will not be buying it again.
KA of Minford, OH
I purchased this aro on my last order hoping it was going to be a close match to the fairly new S.P.S. Mountain Pass. I was really happy with it and do think its a pretty close match, I bought four oz's of this but now wish I had bought more! Lovin it more and more with every bowl.
TD of W. Glover, VT
What a wonderful blend! Smokes beautifully. At false light, the taste and aroma is just what you'd expect, and it continues all the way through the bottom of the bowl. Received many comments on the room note. This may very well be my to every day smoke!
MC of Clinton, CT
I'm not as impressed with this tobacco like most of the reviewers. It tastes like Captain Black White with a bit of a smoother taste than Captain Black White. However, it might be a good blender to cut out harsher flavor tobaccos.
KT of Greenville, NC
As a newbie I'm still learning but this one smoked very well after a few bowls and I started to slow down. Pretty good smoke out of the five different baccys I bought I rank it #2 (Peter St. No. 47 was #1 out of this purchase). The wife ranks this as her #1 for room note. She even stated she wouldn't mind if I smoked this one in the house.
RP of Haltom City, TX
This is rapidly becoming my favorite vanilla smoke. Mellow, smooth and tasty with a really nice room note. Definitely an all day smoke, and the price is right. 5 STARS*****
MM of Canadensis, PA
I ordered 6 different Sutliff tobaccos and 3 others and this one is definitely my favorite of the 9 by a long shot. Smooth and creamy! I'm glad I found this one and will keep on hand at all times. Just don't tell anybody else so they don't run out!
RC of Sicklerville, NJ
I am a fairly new pipe smoker and a few months ago a local pipe tobacco store recommended a Vanilla Custard from their many different offerings. It was really good. Pipesandcigars price for this bulk brand is excellent. So I ordered 5oz of this stuff and it is outstanding!!! I bet anything my local store is using this because it tastes just like Sutliffs! Everything about this brand is good. Taste, room name and like others stated, smooth. I will continue using this as I have plenty in jars for the cellar. Highly recommend!
MP of Abita Springs, LA
I'm a beginner and I have to say I'm VERY impressed. Smokes very smoothly, not harsh in the slightest; a little sweet, it tastes as pleasing as it's aroma. If you haven't tried it, try it. You won't be disappointed.
AB of Kansas City, MO
Wow....I love aromatics but "Vanilla Custard" beats any I've ever smoked! Great taste, Heavenly aroma. When my first pound is throughout, I will buy two more to replace it! I love it!!!
RG of Pequea, PA
Overly sweet pouch aroma. Burns well but a little goopy if not dried out a bit. I am having trouble enjoying this on its own. I like vanilla based aromatics but this one doesn't really satisfy. I am going to mix in some BCA to see if this improves the experience.
DR of Hampton bays, NY
Great tobacco. Take till about half a bowl until you really start tasting the vanilla, but when you do it's great. Not overwhelming but just enough vanilla. Recommend it strongly. Just ordered another 4oz.
GB of Apache Junction, AZ
I've been buying VC for the the last 3 weeks at my local B&M, and paying more. It has become my favorite. I highly recommend it. Just purchased 16oz from P&C and saved considerably.
TL of Utica, MI
Love it. Its hard to pick anything else. I have plenty of different kinds but I always seem to pick this. Mild, tasty great aftertaste. Carful you may fall in love with it.
GB of Swansboro, NC
I splurged on 8oz of VC after reading great reviews about this blend. Upon opening the package all I could smell was candy---however, after lighting up a bowl I was hit with a vanilla aroma and taste that came roaring through. Afterwards I started to fill a pipe with another blend but I found myself enjoying another bowl of VC instead. As it turned out I spent the rest of the afternoon smoking nothing but VC---I'm addicted to this blend !
CL of Dresher, PA
Nice vanilla overtones, good smoking quality, not overwhelming. Can be smoked all day.
AB of Maitland, FL
Awesome stuff! Please don't ever get rid of this brand, it is ultimately my favorite of all period. I have tried others but keep coming back to my all time favorite. Seems I cannot get enough of the stuff! Just once I would Love to have a 5 Lb bag of this Ultimate Delicious Taste sent to me, just to see exactly how much a 5 Lb bag looks like. That much should probably last me a year or pretty darn close to it. God Bless You all who make it possible to get this & keep it in stock for people like myself and others who share in the same taste as I do. Happy Father's Day to all Father's who enjoy smoking Fine Pipe Tobaccos or Premium Authentic Cigars.
BJ of Moline, IL
This tobacco is as good as it sounds. this will become a constant in my tobacco collection. It reminds me of vanilla pudding to the taste and smell. Let's be honest who doesn't like vanilla pudding
DS of Bluefield, VA
Sutliff vanilla custard is a great tobacco for aromatic pipe smokers. It is cheap and enjoyable. One of the best bulk tobacco in my opinion. If you are worried about bulk amounts drying out, simply put it in a mason jar. This allows you to purchase more tobacco. All around this is a great smoke day to night.
GP of Lancaster, NY
Very good...smooth and aromatic...
WE of Wappingers Falls, NY
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