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Sutliff Vanilla Royale

Sutliff's Vanilla Royale takes the vanilla-flavored pipe tobacco to a whole new level. A wide variety of Virginias, Burleys and black Cavendish are finished with a combination of fourteen different types of vanilla for an incredible taste and aroma. Vanilla Royale is a great choice when you want a more vanilla-forward aromatic.

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Overall Rating4.35 out of 5 Based on 20 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Sutliff Vanilla Royale”

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5 Star
4 out of 5
4 Star
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5 out of 5
'Happy Happy' . . .
Couldn't be more pleased with product & service . . nice work 'P&C' . .
4 out of 5
Smooth and tasty
If you are a vanilla fan, this gentle blend really hits the spot. Great all day smoke with very little to no bite. Will be getting this again.
4 out of 5
Wife’s favorite
Great aroma!
5 out of 5
Mild aromatic
This is a great vanilla smoke. I love this blend because it smells as good as it ta
5 out of 5
No bite!
The cut is perfect as is the cure. Bowls are easy to pack and easy to keep lit. There is no bite whatsoever.
4 out of 5
Vanilla Royale, Not Bad...
This is a mild smoke. Pleasant vanilla tin and room note. Not as much vanilla flavor as I thought it would have. Still a good tobacco blend. Good smoke on it's own but really works well mixed with some English blends to soften and slightly sweeten the ones that have a tendency to bite once in a while.
2 out of 5
Royal Bomb
The only Sutliff to date that I dislike.
4 out of 5
If you are looking for a good Vanilla Flavored tobacco with little bite here it is. I enjoyed this tobacco it was smooth with plenty of vanilla flavor.
4 out of 5
Good, not my daily.
Pretty good smoke-very enjoyable, but tends to burn a little hot if packed tightly. My best results were with loose filling, packing to half, repeat to 3/4, pack top, and gently tamp as you go. One of a few my wife doesn't mind the smell of.
5 out of 5
Good smooth smoke
good smoke. This is a good tasting smoke by itself. I also mixed it with the berry. Good taste room note and no bit. Try it, you'll like it!
4 out of 5
Not Bad
This is a VERY mellow blend. Smokes well and is smooth. Not that much vanilla flavor compared to others, but worth the price all day. Try it.
5 out of 5
Great smoke !
what a surprise, trying various aro's and this one is outstanding. Will order more soon. Love the flavour and the aroma.
4 out of 5
Good enough
So...I am a newbie, so take this with a grain of salt...this is the first pipe tobacco I've ordered online. I ordered two oz of it and it smokes great. Good flavor without much bite, but again I'm only a few months in to pipe smoking so my opinion is probably not as valid as an experienced piper. Seems to be a good daily smoke. I do not taste the vanilla as much as I had hoped, but it is still pleasant. Will I order more? Probably. It's cheap enough and I can't find anything bad to say about it, so give it a try.
4 out of 5
Great Vanilla Tobacco!
I purchased this to compare against Mac Baren Vanilla Cream and it's very close! Definitely 'rotation worthy' and a pleasant smoke!
5 out of 5
i love it, the taste
i love it, the taste is nice
5 out of 5
Excellence, always!
Glad to keep coming back for more at Pipes and
5 out of 5
I have been ordering from you a long time and am very happy.No one comes close to your tobacco.I show my friends your catalogy friends.Thankes JIM
4 out of 5
New Experience
I am not an aromatic pipe tobacco guy. I like my smoke to be full bodied with only pure tobacco taste and flavor. Having said that smoking the Sutliff Vanilla Royale was a new experience for me. Smooth, flavorful smoke with a very nice but not over powering. A good change of smoke for me. I would order this again.
5 out of 5
As a new smoker I can appreciate the mellowness and superb room note, very easy to smoke. Have been trying just small pouches of various brands and this is the first that I am buying a quantity o
4 out of 5
Good light aroma. Has a little bite but not bad.
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