4th Generation Pouches and Bags


4th Generation pouches and bags are made of top-quality, durable leather and are meant to deliver years of use. These well-crafted and appealing pouches and bags are perfect for taking your Stokkebye tobacco on the go, whether it be on your day to day commute or a long road trip, your tobacco is safe on your travels with 4th Generation. The attractive style of these tobacco pouches and bags goes well with any pipe especially other Stokkebye products. All items have been selected by Erik Stokkebye to meet his demanding standards.

Messenger Bag Dimensions
11.5 Inches wide
9 inches tall
3 inches thick

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4th Generation Pouches and Bags
Small (Zipper)
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4th Generation Pouches and Bags
One Pipe (Combo)
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4th Generation Pouches and Bags
4 Pipes (Combo)
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4th Generation Pouches and Bags
Extra Large (Messenger)
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