Bengal Slices Combo Pack


Bengal Slices has been a long-standing favorite among pipe enthusiasts. So favored that when it vanished from the market, there was much angst as to whether we would ever see it again. Fortunately, in 2015 P&C's Russ Ouellette got his hands on some detailed information about the original and put his tobacconist knowledge to work! And now we have it back! Shortly after, we were able to make a few modifications and add a new variation to the line - Bengal Slices White. It is a touch lighter and absent of added top notes, making it a marvelous pre-meal smoke. As usual, we couldn't stop there! Completing this combo pack is the new Bengal Slices pipe lighter, the side-firing, soft-flame butane lighter is equipped with a piezo-electric ignition so you won't have any pesky flints to replace! We put all these exceptional items together for you, the P&C Faithful at one low and affordable price. 

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Bengal Slices Combo Pack
Pipe Sampler
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