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Cascadia Pipe Co. has a fantastic line of plug tobaccos. True plugs, like the ones Cascadia makes, are made from whole-leaf tobacco without the large vein, and as a result, they can't easily be pulled apart. Plugs should really be sliced for preparation. Since there aren't a lot of plug tobaccos on the market, people have had to figure out what kind of knife will work best for prepping plugs, but not anymore because we're introducing the Cascadia Pipe Co. Knife.

Here are some of the reasons that they chose this knife for the job. First, Cascadia Pipe Co. has created their plugs for people who enjoy the outdoors since plugs stay moist longer than other forms, so they wanted a folding knife that you can use on the go. Another consideration was the blade. Serrated blades will shred the tobacco, leaving a lot of waste. A strong, standard blade will slice nice flakes without a lot of small pieces or powder. Ergonomics are vitally important. The handle should feel comfortable and secure in the hand, and this knife feels nice and solid. To make it even better for the purpose, there's a round notch with ridges at the end of the handle, just beneath the blade. This lets you get a better and more secure grip while cutting. If you're looking for the ideal knife for preparing plug tobaccos, the Cascadia Pipe Co. Knife is what you want.

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Cascadia Knife
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