Cornell & Diehl's Haunted Bookshop Cake


Most veteran pipe enthusiasts are familiar with Cornell & Diehl’s Haunted Bookshop. It’s a hearty and bold blend of robust Burley, toasty red Virginia, and a good dose of Louisiana Perique. It has a deep flavor with notes of dried fruit, leather, and bread, with an underlying current of pepper. How could C&D possibly make it better? How about pressing it into a crumble cake?

Cornell & Diehl’s Haunted Bookshop Cake takes the original recipe and presses it into a firm crumble cake to marry the flavors for a more consistent experience, and the pressure and the resulting heat from the process will imitate the effect of long aging without all the waiting. If you’re a fan of the OG version, you’re going to love C&D’s Haunted Bookshop Cake.


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Cornell & Diehl's Haunted Bookshop Cake
2 Ounce Tin
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