Decatur Tapered Pipe Cleaners


Decatur Tapered Pipe Cleaners may be the best and most versatile pipe cleaners we've ever sold on P&C. They're tapered to make them easy to pass through virtually any pipe while being thick enough to be very absorbent. The colored rings are slightly abrasive to be able to scrub the airway, and the cleaners are stiff enough not to bend or distort easily. Finally, they produce a minimum of lint and are reasonably priced, making Decatur Tapered Pipe Cleaners (in bags of 80) one of the best values in pipe cleaners today.

Please Note: Due to supply chain issues, Decatur has had to temporarily change the color of the abrasive rings on the pipe cleaners from brown to red. Nothing else has changed about the pipe cleaners and the red rings perform exactly the same as the brown rings. 

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