GL Pease Bankside


After a bit of a hiatus, Greg Pease is back with a new series of pipe tobaccos and a bold new blend with GL Pease Bankside. 

Bankside is the first entry in Greg's new Zeitgeist Series which takes a fresh approach to traditional pipe tobaccos. Bankside is a unique take on the classic Virginia/Perique flake. It starts with the expected components - bright and red Virginias for grassy, toasty notes, and true St. James Perique for a bit of spice and deep, dark fruitiness. But then this blend takes a left turn with the inclusion of some dark-fired Kentucky and a touch of Cyprian Latakia to add depth and some smokiness. These tobaccos are then pressed into a flake to make the flavors more homogenous and allow more preparation flexibility. Try GL Pease Bankside for a whole new approach to the time-honored VaPer flake.

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GL Pease Bankside
2 Ounce Tin
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