Pipes and Cigars Logo Tobacco Jar


If you're looking for a way to attractively store your favorite tobaccos without spending a ton of money, you'll want to consider adding a Pipes and Cigars Logo Tobacco Jar to your collection.

This handsome clear acrylic jar will hold approximately 8 oz. of tobacco (depending upon the blend) and will keep your blends nicely moist for months, even without added humidification. It uses a bail enclosure to keep the lid snugly fitted to the jar. There's a thick silicone gasket between the lid and the jar to reduce air movement to keep your tobacco in ready-to-use condition. It features the P&C logo in frosted white, which will "pop" when filled with your favorite blend. This is an affordable way to store your tobaccos in tip-top condition while still allowing easy access to your stash, so grab a few and organize your collection today.

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Pipes and Cigars Logo Tobacco Jar
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