Russ' Summer Fruits Blend Kit


Summer has so much to offer - cookouts, outdoor activities, vacations - but one thing that really says "summer" is the bounty of readily available fruits. Now Russ has created a blend kit that lets you put those flavors in your pipe - Russ' Summer Fruits.

This kit will give you 8 total ounces of tobacco that you can blend at home - just empty the bags in a bowl and mix them until combined. The blend contains smooth, mellow Burleys, sweet, tangy Virginias, and silky black Cavendish. Once blended, you'll have a mlange of fruit flavors including ripe stone fruits, luscious, zesty berries, and tropical fruits, with just a bit of vanilla to round it out. The flavor is sweet, but not overbearing, but the aroma will be a big hit with anyone in the area - it's like walking into a fruit stand in July. If you enjoy what summer has to offer, Russ' Summer Fruits will add one more thing to your favorites.

To make your blending task better, we're including a Pipes & Cigars stainless steel blending bowl. This wide and slightly shallow bowl is ideal for hand mixing since it's easy to get your hands into the tobacco to toss it.

Russ' Summer Fruits Blend Kit gives you the components you'll need to make 8 oz. of this blend. P&C blending bowl included

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Russ' Summer Fruits Blend Kit
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