Saved By The Bell


Let the battle begin! Bringing together two kake tobaccos, Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding and Bengal Slices. Each are fantastic blends on their own right but together they are a power house. So what we need from you - our P&C Faithful is to tell us who deserves the champion title of this mega battle. We have made the perfect price tag for to try both blends instead of purchasing each one separately. After you have given both blends a try - come back and tell us which one you liked the best! The Saved By The Bell battle will be a knockout. 

Saved By The Bell contains: 

(1) - Bengal Slices 1.75 oz Tin

(1) - Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding 2oz Tin

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Saved By The Bell
Pipe Tobacco Sampler
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