Something's Fishy


Something's Fishy around here at P&C. No, it is not actual fish it is yet another superb battle of the blends. In one corner we have Scotty's Salmon River which is composed of Burley blends with flavors and aroma of warm, sweet maple. In the other corner, we have Lane Buttered Rum which gives you the traditional sweet and zesty flavor of rum. Each pipe tobacco has something to offer to all those that are fans of sweet aromatic blends. But now we call on our P&C Faithful to help determine which is the best of Something's Fishy. At this time you can purchase both tobaccos at a low price and be able to smoke them side by side. Once you have tried them, come back and leave your review and tell us who the clear winner should be. 


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Something's Fishy
Pipe Tobacco Sampler
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