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Sutliff Apple Flavor


Apple Flavor is a popular blend from Sutliff. This gentle-smoking mixture of Burley and toasted black Cavendish is finished with the subtle sweetness of apple. The caramelized toasted Cavendish adds a hint of brown sugar flavor, making this blend a bit more like a baked apple. If you want an exceptionally mellow aromatic that lets the taste of the leaf to come through, try Sutliff Apple Flavor.

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Sutliff Apple Flavor
1 Ounce Bag
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Sutliff Apple Flavor
2 Ounce Bag
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Sutliff Apple Flavor
4 Ounce Bag
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Sutliff Apple Flavor
8 Ounce Bag
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Sutliff Apple Flavor
16 Ounce Bag
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