The Black Knight


The Black Knight, not to be confused for the cape crusader movie. This battle of the blends puts up two black Cavendish blends from two very well known names in the pipe tobacco world to determine who is the best of the best. Captain Black Dark is a pure black Cavendish made from premium Green River Burley that has been steamed and richly flavored. A classic in the Captain Black family. Borkum Riff Black Cavendish features aromatic dark Kentucky and cool-smoking burley. A rich and smooth smoke is what you will receive from Borkum Riff.  Now we call on our P&C Faithful to help determine which is the The Black Knight battle leader. At this time you can purchase both tobaccos at a low price and be able to smoke them side by side. Once you have tried them, come back and leave your review and tell us who the clear winner should be.


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The Black Knight
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