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Save 20% Off Your Order Until The End of Father's Day!

Zederkoff Humidifier & Hygrometer Combo


If you own a 50 to 150-count humidor and you're struggling to keep your cigars in tip-top shape, we've got the answer, and it won't cost an arm and a leg. The Zederkoff Humidifier & Hygrometer Combo begins with the outstanding, easy-to-use Zederkoff Humidification System. All you need to do to get your humidor in optimal condition is to fill the tray to the fill line with distilled water or Humi-Care Cigar Juice and put the unit face down in the tray. Once it has absorbed the fluid, just mount in the lid of your humidor. The highly-efficient beads in the humidifier will release moisture when the box drops below 70% rH, or if your home is overly damp, the beads will absorb moisture to get the humidor back to 70%. To properly monitor the conditions, we also include the Zederkoff Square Hygrometer, which has the tightest tolerances you will find - +/-2%. The thermometer also is incredibly accurate, so you'll always be sure that your cigars are ready to go.

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Zederkoff Humidifier & Hygrometer Combo
Cigar Accessory Sampler
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