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Macanudo was originally the name of a frontmark produced in Jamaica by the makers of the Cuban brand of Punch. In 1971, General Cigar Company introduced a new cigar named Macanudo as a brand unto itself. Developed in Jamaica under the creative leadership of Ramón Cifuentes, the legendary Cuban cigar master of Partagas, Macanudo soon became a leading premium cigar and remains so today.
Now welcome Macanudo Pipe Tobacco - a smooth blend with a pleasant aroma that will be a great change of pace for the Macanudo cigar fan.


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Macanudo Cafe

$1.38 - $8.79 per cigar
43 Options
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Macanudo Cru Royale

$4.63 - $7.99 per cigar
12 Options
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Macanudo Estate Reserve 2015

$9.90 - $10.40 per cigar
2 Options
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Macanudo Gold

$1.44 - $9.49 per cigar
15 Options
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Macanudo Inspirado Black

$5.22 - $6.52 per cigar
2 Options
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Macanudo Inspirado White

$5.19 - $6.60 per cigar
6 Options
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Macanudo Maduro

$5.85 - $8.79 per cigar
8 Options
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Macanudo Robust

$1.09 - $1.40 per cigar
2 Options
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Cigar Samplers

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Macanudo Hyde Park Collection

6 Cigars
Only $35.99
In Stock

Pipe Tobacco

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Macanudo Pipe Tobacco

1.75 Ounce Tin
Only $7.00
In Stock