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Staff Picks

Staff Picks

As users of tobacco products, our staff members can't help but have their favorite products. We would like to share these favorites with you and offer a little savings, an add-on, or an upgrade to give you some added enjoyment when you use these products.

And for the Holiday Season, use our Staff Picks as your Holiday Gift Guide. For added extra ease - click on our staff name's and it will direct you right to the products! 

Eric's Staff Pick - FREE Black Zip Pouch with purchase of any Viking Pipe
Dan's Staff  Pick - FREE H&H Lighter with purchase of 8oz tin of Concerto
Russ' Staff Pick - 20% Off All Gurkha
Taran's Staff Pick - 20% Off All Neerup Pipes 
Shannon's Staff Pick - 20% Off All Stanwell Pouches
Joe's Staff Pick -  15% off Briar Work Pipes

CJ's Staff Pick - Cherokee 1lb Bags $9.99

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Only $10.29
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