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Accessories for Newbies

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One of the most frequently asked questions from new pipe smokers is “What do I need other than a pipe and some tobacco?”

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Pipe cleaners- you should run a pipe cleaner through the pipe after every smoke, and if the tobacco you are smoking tends to smoke wet, you will probably need to use one while smoking. There are a number of different types- regular, which are thin; extra absorbent, which are thicker for larger-bore pipes or particularly wet smoking pipes; bristled, which have nylon bristles to help scrub out an exceptionally dirty stem and/or shank; and, tapered, which are best for pipes that are hard to pass a cleaner through. One brand covers all the bases - Decatur Tapered Pipe Cleaners, which are thick at one end, thin at the other, and have scrubbing rings.
  • Pipe nail/pipe tool- The purpose of a pipe tool is to tamp the burning tobacco and to clean out the chamber after smoking. The nail is the simplest, with a tamper at one end and a scraper at the other. A pipe tool or Czech tool has three parts- a tamper, a scraper or rounded-tipped knife blade for reaming, and a pick for dislodging items from the shank or loosening damp tobacco from the heel.
  • Pipe rack- The best way to store a pipe is vertically, and pipe racks generally do this. Some hold them horizontally, but this is more for display rather than for longer-term storage.
  • Lighter- A dedicated pipe lighter can make your life easier. Most are soft-flame butane, and the flame comes out the side to keep the flame from hitting your fingers while lighting. Many have tampers that come out of the bottom. Butane is tasteless, and the soft flame shouldn’t scorch the pipe. There are liquid fuel pipe lighters as well- Zippo makes one with a hole in the side of the chimney for placing over the top of the bowl. These work well in windy conditions but are less desirable to use, as the fuel has some taste that can be unpleasant unless you're using the newer version of Zippo Lighter Fluid.
  • Pouches- There are a number of cases and pouches available that will allow you to transport your tobacco and/or pipes. What you should use is dependent upon your circumstances. We carry a wide assortment from brands like Stanwell, Baraccini, Viking, and Erin Go Bragh.
  • Cleaners and polishes- There are cleaners that are meant to freshen a pipe, usually by dipping a pipe cleaner in it and running through the pipe. Many pipe smokers don’t use these, but most swear by them. There are also polishes available for the wood, which are non-aromatic, so they don’t have a noticeable smell while smoking the pipe, and there are gently abrasive polishes for stems that help to clean, shine, and remove oxidation from stems. Look at Decatur Pipe Shield products to find everything that you'll need.
  • Humidors- These are tightly sealed jars that normally have a humidification device in them for keeping your tobacco at optimum moisture levels.
  • Reamer- These tools are used to shave back the carbon build-up in the chamber when it builds up too much. They use a blade that takes a small amount of the cake off at a time while not damaging the pipe.
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