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John Bull Pipe Tobacco Sampler

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The John Bull Pipe Tobacco Sampler is a treasure trove for anyone who enjoys Latakia blends. The original John Bull blend is called Royal English and has been one of our best-selling Latakia-based tobaccos in a pouch for around a decade. It's what we classify as an American English because it contains some Burley and unflavored black Cavendish. So, when they decided to expand their lineup, they introduced True English which includes Virginia, Orientals, and Latakia which are the components of a classic English blend. Then, for the person who enjoys a bit of an aromatic quality, they produced Fragrant English that is made of Burley, black Cavendish, and Latakia with a pleasantly mellow flavoring that adds a nice aroma. 

Now, we have a sampler that features all three of these terrific pipe tobaccos at a price that saves you some money and gives you the opportunity to try the blends side-by-side so you can decide which one is your favorite, or you might just find that you like all three. Either way, the John Bull Pipe Tobacco Sampler is a must-try for Latakia fans.

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John Bull Pipe Tobacco Sampler
Pipe Tobacco Sampler
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