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Save 20% Off Your Order Until The End of Father's Day!

Gurkha Raging Samurai Collection


Gurkha is no stranger to the P&C Faithful. Their list of top-selling cigars is quite large, and if they decided to, they could have just sat back and rested on their laurels. But they couldn't do that, because one of the driving forces of Gurkha is constantly innovating and releasing new cigars and accessories. They recently stepped into the world of pipe tobaccos, and after smoking the three new blends, they did a fantastic job. Rare Breed is a Latakia blend that highlights Turkish tobaccos with a hint of Perique. Retribution adds rare Orientals to an exotic Latakia blend, and Urban Legend is a hybrid English blend with a slight Mocha note. We put together a sampler to try all three, but if you only want to try one, you can do that too. See what happens when this behemoth in the cigar world steps into the world of pipe tobacco. 

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Gurkha Raging Samurai Collection
Pipe Tobacco Sampler
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