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Brebbia pipes are superbly crafted Italian briars. Originally produced in 1953, Brebbia pipes were the result of a partnership between Brebbia founder Enea Buzzi and Achille Savinelli of Savinelli pipes. Together they carry on a tradition of pipe making decades later using machines for the early stages of the pipe production and putting the finishing touches on by hand. Brebbia's are made in a variety of shapes and finishes to appeal to a number of pipe enthusiasts, and each pipe is fitted with reliable acrylic stems. Compared to other Italian made pipes, Brebbia comes out on top every time due to the quality craftsmanship, premium fit and finish and the affordable price. 

Brebbia pipe tobaccos cover the gamut of styles, using superb tobaccos from around the world. Knowing their reputation for making wonderful pipes, one would expect nothing less that the best from their blends, and they don't disappoint.


Brebbia Series X Pipes

Brebbia Series X

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