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Colin Rigsby Pipes

Colin is a pipe maker from Texas, specializing in both traditional and freehand styles. He is highly inspired by Italian stylings (Pesaro specifically) and by the old styles of England (Dunhill, Charatan, etc). Other non-related inspirations include Art-Deco and Art Nouveau design as well as art pottery. Colin has been a musician for most of his life and has also dabbled in model making and painting. He holds a bachelor degree in Communications (writing and behavioral science with an English minor).

Where pipes are concerned, Colin strives for a blending of the old and the new to create pipes that feel good in the hand, are comfortable in the mouth and smoke well. Stylistic fads come and go, but quality is forever. Overall satisfaction by the smoker is paramount. One aspect without the others is not complete. Each pipe features the highest quality briar from the world’s foremost cutters, air cured, as well as the best German ebonite and cumberland for the hand cut stems. Occasionally, exotic hardwoods, bamboo and vintage bakelite adorn the pieces. All pieces are stamped with the “SW” Shurewood logo, Colin USA and the last 2 digits of the year produced, starting in 2010. Prior pieces do not have a date stamp. Grades are only dictated by the finish and the grain: Straight grain, Flame grain, Cross grain and hand rusticated.

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