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Dan Chlebove is the man behind Gabrieli pipes. Named after his son Gabriel, each pipe is a testament of the love he feels for his son. It has been a long journey for Dan and he spent the last twenty years quietly perfecting his craft in his Bethlehem, PA workshop. He has meticulously honed his craft through years of experience. Dan is a humble man with a hard working blue collar mentality; he will not let anyone dissuade him from his dream of making pipes for the masses. All Gabrieli pipes smoke like a dream including Gabrieli Bamboo Check Mark and Gabrieli Hex Shank Bulldog, and his engineering on each pipe is first rate. Discover an American carver who has paid his dues.


Ball Rhodesian Pipes

Ball Rhodesian

0007 - Ball Rhodesian
Only $350.00
Out Of Stock
Bent Dublin with Spalted Tamarind Pipes

Bent Dublin with Spalted Tamarind

0006 - Dublin W/ Spalted Tamarind
Only $300.00
Out Of Stock
Gabrieli Hex Shank Bulldog Pipes

Gabrieli Hex Shank Bulldog

0012 - Hex Shank Bulldog
Only $340.00
Out Of Stock
Square Shank Dublin Pipes

Square Shank Dublin

0011 - Squar Shank Dublin
Only $450.00
Out Of Stock
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