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Michael Lindner

For more than a dozen years, Michael Lindner has made a meteoric rise to prominence among American pipe makers. First learning his craft through repair work, his engineering is remarkable, with his pipes delivering an easy draw and staying lit with minimal effort. Michael has a world view in his designs, creating elegant and organic shapes reminiscent of the Danish school, and he truly shines in his interpretations of the classic traditional pipes.
The combination of his eye for symmetry and balance, combined with his attention to detail make his pipes favorites among collectors. His smooth finishes are clean and crisp with staining that makes the grain “pop”, and his sandblasts show incredible detail. His stem work, of hand-cut Ebonite is second-to-none for smokability and comfort.

His artistry doesn’t end at shapes and finishes. Michael uses a wide variety of trim materials to make each pipe uniquely his own. If you’re looking to add a wonderful smoker with art gallery quality craftsmanship, you would do yourself proud with a Lindner.

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